I have been collecting sports cards for 30 years.

Inside my brain are memories of heading to the corner store with a pocketful of change.  I would buy as many packs of cards and I could afford.

We never collected hockey cards to find a treasure.  We did it because it was cool and the gum was good.  We would play with the cards and yes, even put them in the spokes of our bikes.

In the 70’s we were all trying to find a Bobby Orr or Ken Dryden.  Then came the 80’s.  This decade was monopolized by the Edmonton Oilers and of course, Wayne Gretzky.

I read yesterday that a Wayne Gretzky rookie card sold for $94,163 at an online sports auction.  This is the highest price ever for a hockey card.

I wonder if I put one of those in my bike spokes as a kid?

Today, we want to give you a list of the most valuable Hockey cards out there.

* Please keep in mind that hockey cards are worth only as much as someone will pay for them.  Values will change regularly.


1) Wayne Gretzky – 1979 O-Pee-Chee – $94, 163

2) Bobby Orr – 1966 Topps – $47,600

3) Gordie Howe – 1951 Parkhurst – $17,980

4) Mario Lemieux – 1985 Topps – $14,500

5) Gordie Howe – 1954 Topps – $13,200

6) Georges Vezina — 1911 Imperial Tobacco – $13,200

7) Bobby Hull – 1958 Topps – $13,000

For the record, I do not own any of the listed cards.

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