When I was a baby, my mother cared for me and made sure that I got everything I needed.

She fed me, bathed me, and showered me in love.  Although I did not recognize it at the time, my mother worked extremely hard make sure I was completely looked after.  In fact, it was not until I saw my wife gave birth to my son that I realized how much a mother does to care for her children.

My wife places our son’s needs ahead of her own.

In fact, while I am writing this, my wife is in the other room, tenderly caring for our son who has a 39.3 degree fever.  She stays by his side, rubs is forehead with a cool cloth, and makes him feel like everything is okay.

So, on this Mother’s Day Weekend, here is a list of 7 Things That Only Mom’s Can Do.

1.  Give Birth

I know this is obvious, but it is worth mentioning.  It has been said that if Men gave birth instead of Women, families would only have 1 child each.

2.  Bandage a Wound

Men can also do this simple task.  It is just that Moms do it better.

3.  Show Unconditional Love

Moms know how to make their child feel LOVED!

4.  Encouragement

When my son is feeling down, he goes to his Mom to feel better.  She gives him a caring hug and lets him know that everything will be okay.  Then, he walks away convinced that everything is okay.

5.  Make the House a Home

Whether it is decorating or cleaning or just her presence, my wife transforms our house into a home.

6.  Teach Life Skills

Knowing how to cook Mac & Cheese is an important skill when you are in University.  Ironing is less

7.  Everything Else

Driver, Counsellor, Cook, Doctor, Janitor, Coach, Nurse, Party Planner, Teacher…  the list is truly endless.

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  And we all have a Mother.  So on May 8, make sure to take some time to recognize your Mother.  Being a Mother is often a thankless job. 

Thank you, Mom.

Here is a Video Tribute to my Mom:


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  1. Jeff says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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