Jeff and I have lived in some small homes.

Like most college and university students we have lived on a shoestring budget and found ourselves in some pretty meager accommodations.

We have lived in basement suites, apartments and even dormitories.  But we have never lived in a CUBE.

But I wish I would have…

Jeff and I are no strangers to cubes. We rented the Nissan version for a week about a year ago.  However calling a cube shaped building home is foreign territory.

It seems that Dr. Mike Page at the University of Hertfordshire has come up with a dwelling that is only 3x3x3 meters inside.  It has been designed to provide a comfortable home for one person (or two if they really like each other).  The best part is that this mini habitat is very easy on our enviroment.

Want to know what it looks like inside?  Check out this video.

A tour of the Cube from Mike Page on Vimeo.

Our list today is all about The Cube Project.  Here are 7 cool features included in The Cube.

1.  Kitchen

Comes complete with a fridge and a counter for preparation.  I did not however see a dishwasher. 😦

2.  Living Room

Small but functional.  You can at least have one friend over to watch your 32 inch flat screen.

3.  Bed Room

I would probably call it a “room the size of a bed.”  Looks comfy.

4.  Shower

Full sized!

5.  Laundry Room

Well, actually you have to share with the living room to do your laundry but at least your clothes will be clean.

6.  Toilet Room

Is that a room?  It must be because the composting toilet is the only thing in the room.

7.  Energy Friendly

The Cube is designed to generate all the energy it needs, averaged over the year.  I cannot say the same about my house.

Check out these Pictures

To learn more about THE CUBE PROJECT, visit their website.

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