Man’s Best Friend

We have a dog.  She likes food.  She really likes food.

 And she thinks she is human.

Every day she wants us to set a place at the table for her so she can eat with us.  She likes carrots, pizza, sweet potato, ice cream, peanut butter, bananas, liquorice and, of course, all kinds of meat.  I know that she wants to ask us for a bite, but she cannot talk.  As she looks up and stares, whines, growls and barks, I often wonder, what are dogs really saying?

The other day we found a hilarious video of a dog begging for food called Ultimate Dog Tease. We just had to share it.

When a dog looks up at you at dinner time with its quiet, pleading, eyes, you know it is wanting to tell you something.  But they cannot talk so we can only guess what they are saying.  To help with the interpretation of your canine friend, we give you today’s Top 7 list

Here is our list of 7 Things Dogs Want To Say At The Dinner Table.

1.  Surely you are not going to eat all that?

2.  Drop it!  Drop it!  Drop it!

3.  Look at me.  I am so cute.

4.  Excuse me, but I think you are sitting in my chair.


6.  I am a certified taste tester.

7.  If you don’t share with me I will call the SPCA.

What does your dog say at the dinner table?

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