All you golf lovers out there, you have to try out The Floppy®.

The Floppy®is a practice golf ball specifically designed for the practice of the short game, indoors.

Up here in Canada our golf game is usually at the mercy of Mother Nature.  In the winter we are surrounded by snow.  In the spring we squeeze in a round between showers.  The summer is wonderful but way too short and in the fall the outside temperature is as reliable as a roulette table.

But we still love the game.

This winter, as we were huddled in our igloos,  Jeff and I discovered The Floppy®.  A specially engineered woven golf ball that allows you to practice indoors without damaging the decor.

Now we are certainly no golf pros.  In fact we are more hacks than experts.  However we can tell you this, The Floppy® feels and reacts like a real golf ball.  As you can see from the video below, The Floppy® is a alot of fun too.


We contacted our new friends at The Floppy® and asked if they would supply the Top 7 list for today.  Being the great folks they are, they were more than happy to.

Here are 7 reasons The Floppy®needs to be in your golf bag.

1.  Feels like a real ball.

2.  Flies off the club like a real ball.

3.  Soft enough to hit in to a window or wall.

4.  Helps you to work wonders with your wedges – Touch and Feel.

5.  Teaches you to stay down and through the ball – Confidence.

6.  Learn Flop, chip, pitch and punch shots – Practice

7.  The only way to get better at golf is to hit more balls.  Hit more balls with The Floppy – The Indoor Golf Ball

You can learn more about The Floppy® by visiting their website

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