I love comics.  I love stories about superheroes.  So, when movies like Superman, The Incredible Hulk, and the Fantastic Four come out, I am always eager to see them.

Last weekend, the movie Thor was the first of 4 Comic Book Superhero Movies that will be released this summer.  The “God of Thunder” had smashing success at the box office.   X-Men – First Class, Green Lantern, and Captain America are also scheduled to come out later this summer.  Looks like I might have to waste a few hours in the movie theater…

Comic-book movies are the best, or are they?

It turns out that comic movies are not always a success.  Of course there are some movies inspired by comic books that hit a home run in the box office.  Take a look at some of these amazing numbers.

  1. The Dark Knight, WB $533,345,358
  2. Spider-Man, Sony $403,706,375
  3. Spider-Man 2, Sony $373,585,825
  4. Spider-Man 3, Sony $336,530,303
  5. Iron Man, Paramount $318,412,101
  6. Iron Man 2, Paramount $312,433,331
  7. Batman, WB $251,188,924

However, there are some comic movies that never seem to gain any momentum.  Our list today comes from our friends at EatSleepLiveFilm.com.

Here are the 7 Worst Comic Book Movies of all time.

1. Batman & Robin – Not only the worst comic book movie ever made, it is a close contender for the worst Hollywood movie ever made. Filled with bad puns, overly campy set design and the worst product placement in film history (wouldn’t a Batman American Express kind of defeat the purpose of being a mysterious force of vengeance?), Batman and Robin is a perfect storm of bad decisions. Poor costume design, too many villains, bad casting choices and crappy looking sets would usually add up to a “so bad it’s good” kind of film but none of it works. This film fails on every level.

2. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Because American audiences are too stupid to understand characters from literature, LXG took a brilliant take on Victorian characters and dumbed them down a drooling imbecile level. After watching LXG, it’s easy to understand why creator Alan Moore hates movie versions of his films. I would hate them too if my best creations were used as toilet paper.

3. Steel – I’m so glad that Shaq has given up on being a movie star. Before he gave up on that dream, he adapted the DC comic character to screen. In the comics, John Henry Irons aka Steel is a super scientist that creates a super suit similar to Iron Man and kicks ass as Superman’s replacement. The movie distances itself from any connection to Superman, which is fine but Shaq takes a smart, clever character and basically reduces him to “Hulk Smash” level of intelligence.

4. Elektra – After the moderate success of Daredevil and the rising star that was Jennifer Garner, Elektra seems like it could be a moderate success. Combining sexiness and action in a boring convoluted abortion of filmmaking, Elektra not only killed any further adventures of the character and took Daredevil with it.

5. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace – Deciding that Superman III didn’t do enough to destroy the franchise, Superman IV did what kryptonite and Lex Luthor could not do, it killed Superman. In fact, it pretty much killed comic book movies until Tim Burton and Batman breathed new life into comics onscreen.

6. The Spirit – It’s hard to believe that director Frank Miller didn’t intend for The Spirit to be this bad. Miller has a huge love for Will Eisner and the character but after watching The Spirit, you would think he was getting revenge on Eisner for raping his mother.

7. Supergirl – Supergirl basically killed the aspiring career of Helen Slater and ruined the character not just for the big screen but for comics as well. I’m not saying this film is responsible for DC killing Supergirl in the Crisis on Infinite Earth story but it wouldn’t surprise me.

The experts have spoken.

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  1. Jessie L. Cohn says:

    I liked “Batman and Robin” a lot, “Superman 4” and also “Elektra” too. I wouldn’t consider them the worst comic book movies ever and I also liked the movie “The Spirit” but the ones I absolutely hated and never want to see again because they were so bad are “Sin City” and “Sucker Punch” was an absolute disappointment made by director Zack Snyder who convinced me it was going to be a wonderful movie when really it wasn’t.

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