The community of Slave Lake has been devistated by a wild fire.  A third of the town has been lost and the entire population of 7000 people have been evacuated.

On this special post at The TOP 7, we want to give you the facts you need to know about what is happening in Slave Lake.

1.  About the Town of Slave Lake

Head north of Edmonton about 200 KM and you will find the Town of Slave Lake on the shore of Lesser Slave Lake.  This town of 7000 is a player in the oil, gas and forestry industry industry in Alberta.

2.  About the Fire

Two fires were brought into the town by winds gusting to 100 km per hour (60 miles per hour) on Sunday.  Things got worse on Monday (today) were winds of up to 50 km per hour (30 mph) are expected in some regions as well as dry conditions.  The fire is burning at present.

3.  Reported Damage

It has been estimated that 1/3 of the town has been destroyed.  Included would be entire residential areas, Town Office, Radio Station, library  and a Mall.

Slave Lake fire.

4.  Affect on the Oilfield

The wildfires have forced oil companies to shut off production.  Not good.

Penn West Petroleum Ltd shut 25,000-30,000 barrels a day of heavy oil production from north-central Alberta operations.  Cenovus Energy Inc said it was ready to halt operations at its 22,000 barrel a day Pelican Lake heavy oil field.

5.  Who is fighting the fire?

Fire departments from Strathcona County, Edmonton and Calgary have contributed crews. There were 125 firefighters on the ground in Slave Lake Monday morning.  The province has called in 200 additional firefighters from B.C. and Saskatchewan to help contain the fires.

6.  Has anyone been hurt?

As of Monday, nobody has been hurt or injured in this fire.  Amazing.

7.  How to help

Here are important numbers and websites :

Global Edmonton LIVE Blog

Rebuild Slave Lake and Area

Canadian Red Cross – To donate, call 1-800-418-1111

Alberta Wildfire Status

Alberta Fire Bans

How are you going to help?

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  2. mike bujold says:

    im a trained experienced fire boss i used to work for the ontario natural resources just wondering if you need any experieced division boss’s I have extensive training in values protection and i think i could be very valuable to any fire team if you need someone with my experience please email or phone 306-457-7977 I live in southeast saskatchewan but am willing to travel immediately

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