Every year I tell my self I am not going to watch it.  Then, every year, I watch one episode and I am caught up in the real life soap opera.  This season, there was a twist with Redemption Island; a place where people who are voted out get the chance to compete to get back into the game.

Boston Rob won this season with 8 out of 9 votes.  For complete details, go to http://redemptionisland.survivor.com/

In this unique season, here is what we observed.

 1.  Philip – Was he an ex-CIA?  Was he crazy?  Only Philip knows the true answers.

2.  Matt on Redemption – Matt was blindsided and voted out early in the game.  He battled for days on Redemption Island.  He got back in the game only to be blindsided again.  Once back on redemption, he won more challenges.  He survived an amazing 29 days on Redemption.

3.  BostonRob – Rob played an amazing game where he controlled his tribe and, eventually, the game.

4.  Good People – There were a lot of “good” people this season.  These Survivors valued ethical playing.  There were deep bonds between many of the players and it seemed that they valued their integrity and each other more than the $1,000,000.

5.  Alliances – The Alliances were deep, strong, and unbreakable.  This truth ended the game for many of the survivors.

6.  Redemption Island– A great new twist to this game.  A loser can be a winner

7.  Russell – The 2-time “evil” runner-up was voted out very early in the game.

 What was your most memorable Survivor moment?

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