Over 12,000,000 people have watched the viral video called Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!  It makes women cry and cause men to mutter, “Why didn’t I think of that?

Instead of trying to explain what happens, you can see it for yourself.


For every great marriage proposal idea there are likely 100 ideas that are not so “wonderful.”  Our list today are some ideas that will not bring a tear to the eye of the one you love.  In fact, if you use any of these ideas please do not let anyone know where you received your revelation.

Here are 7 of the worst marriage proposal ideas…Ever!!

1.  Propose using Social Media. 

As much as everyone loves Twitter, 140 characters might not be enough to express your intentions.  Worse yet, hacking into your partners Facebook account and changing their relationship status from single to engaged is not going to impress anyone.

2. During Her Marriage Vows

Hollywood has given us the impression that waiting until your partner is standing at the alter with another person is the perfect time to propose.  I will go out on a limb here and say that this is not a good idea or strategy.

3.  With a balloon

Rings and helium balloons do not mix.  Check out this video.


4.  Bury the Ring in Food

Sounds really romantic.  Make your partners favorite dish and hide the ring in it.  This is all good until she loses a tooth chomping down on the ring or worse yet, swallows it.

5.  In Public

Better make sure she will say yes.  We have a video.


6.  With Doggy-Doody

A couple lived together and had a dog.  The dog made a doody in the backyard.  He asked her if she could clean it.

When she got there, there was a ring sitting on top of the doody.

He was behind her and proposed.

7.  At the Cemetery

True story (found it on the internet)

The guy took his girlfriend to a cemetery.  He told her he wanted to drop flowers off at his mothers grave.

When they got there, he went down on one knee.  Pointed at two plots of land.  And said.

“I bought these two plots for us.  I want to be buried next to you.  Will you marry me?”

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