When I was a young boy, really young, Gary Carter was my favorite baseball player.

I loved the Expos in the Eighties.  Watching Tim Raines steal second base was awesome.  Andre Dawson was amazing as he controlled the outfield.  But best of all was seeing number 8 behind the plate.

Gary Carter was the backbone of the Expos.

It was released this week that the 57 year old Hall-of-Fame Carter has 4 small tumors on his brain.  As of today it is not know if the tumors are malignant.  The news has shaken the MLB world as the well liked 11 time all-star is in for the fight of is life.

Our Top 7 list today is all about Gary Carter.

1.  Gary Carter played with Montreal (1974-1984, 1992), the Mets (1985-1989), Giants (1990) and the Dodgers (1991).  In case you missed it, Carter started with the Expos and retired with the Expos.

2.  Carter had 324 career home runs.  The most he hit in a season was 32 in 1985 when he played for the New York Mets.

3.  During his career, Carter won 3 Gold Gloves.  (1980, 1981 and 1982)

4.  As great a player her was, Carter was never able to hit over .300.  His best batting average came in 1984 with the Expos when he hit .294.

5.  In 1980, Carter was the season MVP runner-up.  Who did he lose to?  Mike Schmidt.  Although the regular season MVP did not happen, Carter did win two All-Star MVP’s in 1981 and in 1984.

6.  Carter played in 11 All-Star games. The first in 1975 and then consecutively from 1979-1988.

7.  Gary Carter was not an shoo-in for the Hall of Fame.  It was his 6th ballot when he was elected in 2003.

Get better Gary Carter!

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