mike-tyson-face-tattoo-tribalMike Tyson is in the news again.  Actually not Tyson specifically, but his tattoo is.

The boxing legend is famous for many things, one of which is the amazing tribal tattoo that surrounds his left eye.  Victor Whitmill, the tattoo artist who created this tattoo also thinks it is amazing.  If fact, he went as far as to file a lawsuit for copy-write infringement against Warner Bros for using the tattoo in their latest movie “The Hangover: Part II.”  Mr. Whitmill hoped the Thursday (May 26, 2011) release would be delayed.

The Federal Judge did not agree.

The Hangover: Part II will release as scheduled.

While Mr. Tyson’s tattoo is not my style, it is in no way the strangest tattoo I have ever seen.  Our list today will be presented in picture form.  We want to give you 7 Tattoos that were not necessarily bad, but made me laugh.

(FYI: I would never laugh at Mike Tyson’s tattoo.  He is a boxer, I am not.)

Top 7 Laughable Tattoos


(No, that is not Jeff)

TwoReply Hazy, Try Again Next Year





(Tattoos are for Nerds too)



(Is there a hidden message here?)



(I know you laughed too)



(I wonder when my daughter became a Tattoo Artist?)



(…but I can’t spell)

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3 responses »

  1. jeff says:

    If I get a tatoo, it will be on my butt and will read “If you can read this tatoo, you are too close.”

  2. Quince says:

    I’ve seen that Mr. Cool Ice tattoo so many times now, but it still doesn’t fail to make me laugh, and I’ve also seen that I’m awsome tattoo a couple times but it’s also still funny, if you’re going to get a quote tattoo at least make sure it’s spelled right lol.

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