Clearly Contacts

I come from a family where everyone wears glasses.

I am pretty much half blind.  My wife needs glasses.  My kids all wear contacts or glasses.  If our cats, Leo and Scraps, got their eyes tested I am sure that even they would need some sort of corrective lenses.

Proof that God has a sense of humor I guess.

For the most part we cope.  Other than not seeing your alarm clock in the morning it is not too bad.  Contacts are worn for sports and glasses to work and school.  The only thing that really gets me is that it cost a fortune for keep our family of 5 in the right lenses.

Well, at least I used to feel that way.  I have discovered an awesome new online supplier called  As a result our pocket book is thanking us.

I started using about one year ago when my daughter got fitted for her first pair of contacts.  The local Optometrist told us the cost and I almost fell over.  There was no way we could afford to keep her supplied with her disposible lenses.

I decided to do some research and discovered this great company.

Our orders thus far have only been contact lenses.  The service has been great and the staff friendly.  Delivery is to my door.  The best part…. the cost.  I am paying only 1/3 of what we used to pay.

This next week we will be ordering our glasses through  We will be seeing 20/20 at a fraction of the price I used to pay.

Our list today is all about 

Here are 7 facts you need to know about this amazing company.

1. is not just providing contacts, they are a full function optical store.  Glasses, sunglasses, solutions and even safety goggles.  They have it all at a fraction of what you will pay anywhere else.

2. loves to give.  Did you know that for every pair of participating designer frames purchased from Clearly Contacts, a second pair of eyeglasses will be donated to someone in need?

3. knows how much glasses cost and are committed to providing the best price possible.  Check out this price breakdown found on their site.

Eyewear Price Breakdown

4. makes their glasses in house.  No sending orders to China like some online companies.

5. uses only the top brands for their contact lenses.   Acuvue, Focus, Day & Night, Air Optix, Proclear, and FreshLook are all on their shelves.

6. has an amazing warranty.  One year on lenses and frames and coverage for any defective contacts lenses.  Throw in a lowest price guarantee and you cannot afford to not check them out.

7. has free giveaways.  Keep your prescription handy and follow them on Facebook because you never know when a free pair of glasses will come your way.

Make sure you visit  We think you will like what you find.

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  1. Craig says:

    complete garbage i ordered there 6 times and they couldnt get my glasses right

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