It must be fun to for Daniel and Henrik Sedin to play in the Stanley Cup Finals together.

Sedin, passes to Sedin.  Sedin Shoots!  Sedin scores.

The twins from Sweden have had their ups and downs during the 2011 playoffs.  They have gone through stretches where neither can produce any offense and then there are times when they look like a talented dynamic duo.  One game into the Finals, it has yet to be determined with Sedin Twins will show up.

I never got a change to play sports with my brother.  Actually, that is not true.  We did play some men’s league basketball together but I am not certain that you could call us any good.  I just always thought it would have been great to play major sports together.

With my mind on siblings, here are our Top 7 Sports Brothers

1.  The Sutter Brothers

The Sutters are famous in Alberta.  They one of the most famous families in the National Hockey League . Six brothers: Brent, Brian, Darryl, Duane, Rich, and Ron, reached the NHL in the 1970s and 80s.  They really were their own hockey team.

2.  Dominique and Gerald Wilkins

High flying Dominique and Gerald Wilkins scored more than 38,000 points between them. Dominique was the superstar and was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame while Gerald was just a solid player. Both could dunk really good.

3.  The Hart Family

The kids of Stu Hart had an impact on Professional Wrestling.  Now we all know that wrestling is more entertainment than sport, but no one can deny that these guys are athletes.  Take a look at this family.

  1. Smith (born 1949), retired professional wrestler.
  2. Bruce (born 1951), retired professional wrestler.
  3. Keith (born 1952), professional wrestler
  4. Wayne (born 1953), professional wrestling referee
  5. Dean (1954–1990), professional wrestler
  6. Ellie (born 1955), married the wrestler Jim Neidhart
  7. Georgia (born 1956), married the wrestler B.J. Annis.
  8. Bret (born 1957), professional wrestler.
  9. Alison (born 1959), married to wrestler Ben Bassarab
  10. Ross (born 1961), professional wrestling promoter
  11. Diana (born 1963), former wife of Davey Boy Smith (The British Bulldog)
  12. Owen (1965–1999), professional wrestler.

4.  Phil and Tony Esposito

One was a force with the Boston Bruins (Phil) and the other was  the backbone of the Chicago Blackhawks (Tony).  Both are in the Hall of Fame.

5.  Peyton and Eli Manning

Both are great NFL Quarterbacks and both have a Superbowl MVP award.  I guess they have good genes.  Their dad was NFL quarterback Archie Manning.

6.  Brook and Robin Lopez

They guys are both going to be in the NBA for many years because good 7 footers are hard to find.  Brook should collect a few All-Star awards while Robin will be fighting for playing time.

7.  Phil and Joe Niekro

When I think of former MLB pitchers Phil and Joe I think of Knuckleball.  They may not be the most famous brothers in baseball but they did win 539 games between the them.  That is a record brothers.

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