{{{alt}}}If you are a Boston Bruin fan, game 3 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final was amazing.  The Bruins squeaked out an 8-1 victory to get back into the series against the favored Vancouver Canucks.  Great win for the Black and Yellow.

If you are a Vancouver fan, this is a game you would like to forget.

This series is starting to heat up.

As I reflect on this game I am starting to see a trend in this series.  I call it ALMOST RECORDS.

Game one gave us the game winner with 18 seconds left in the game as the Vancouver squad broke a 0-0 deadlock.  A record?  Nope but it had to have been close to breaking something.

In game two, the Canucks almost set an NHL Finals Record when Burrows scored in the game winner just 11 seconds into the overtime.  A record? Close but no cigar.  The Montreal Canadians scored 9 seconds into overtime against the Calgary Flames 25 years ago.

Tonight the Bruins scored an incredible 8 goals.  Finals record?  Almost but not good enough.  The record for most goals in the finals is 9 set by the Detroit Red Wing and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Today our list is all about NHL Finals records.

Here are 7 NHL Finals records that could be broken, almost.

1.  Most goals, both teams, one series

56 – Montreal Canadiens (33), Chicago Black Hawks (23) in 1973. Montreal won series 4-2.

2.  Most goals, one team, one series

33 – Montreal Canadiens in 1973. Montreal won series 4-2, outscoring Chicago 33-23.

3.  Most goals, one team, one period

5 – Toronto Maple Leafs in 2nd period of Game 5, April 14, 1942. Detroit 3 at Toronto 9.

4.  Longest Overtime

55:13:00 – Edmonton Oilers 3 at Boston Bruins 2 in Game 1, May 15, 1990.

5.  Most shutouts, one team, one series

3 – Montreal Maroons in 1926. Mtl. Maroons won series 3-1 vs. Victoria Cougars.

6.  Most penalties, both teams, one series

142 – Philadelphia Flyers (75), Boston Bruins (67) in 1974. Philadelphia won series 4-2.

7.  Most shorthanded goals, one team, one game

2 – seven times.

You can find more NHL Finals Records here.

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