A while back we wrote a post called The Cube Project.  It told of Dr. Mike Page and his quest to build a habitat that was easy on the environment.  He came up with 3x3x3 meter home that looked like, you guessed it, a cube.

Today, as I was thumbing through the news on Yahoo I came across another family that has decided that bigger is not bigger.  In order to survive in our struggling economies, Gary and Debra Jordan sold their 2000+ sq foot home and moved into a 320 sq foot home.

You can see it for yourself.


Now the Jordan home is not as small as the Cube but it is small by North American standards.  The Jordan’s just felt the need to “Downsize.”

Today our list is for all those people who feel they may need to downsize their home.  

Here are 7 reasons to take that step.

1.  Less Financial Stress

The Jordan’s have no mortgage.  How many families are mortgage free in their forties?  Not me.

2.  Lower Taxes

The smaller the home, the less the taxes paid.  Brilliant.

3.  Less Up-keep

How long do you think it takes to change all the light bulbs in a 320 sq foot home?

4.  Lower Utilities

Not rocket science.  The furnace does not have to work very hard to heat a smaller space.  Same goes for the air conditioner.

5.  Opportunity to save more

With cost being lowered, more can be allocated towards retirement.  This makes the Golden Years that much more comfortable.

6.  Bigger Yard to enjoy

Place the tiny home on a normal lot and you will have more green space to enjoy than your neighbor.

7.  A closer family – literally

Here is a quote from the Jordan’s…

“You’re constantly in each others’ faces and it forces you to interact and even be more pleasant,” she says of the close physical contact. “We say, ‘Thank you,’ ‘Excuse me,’ or, ‘Could you scoot over, please? Thank you.’”

If you are looking to downsize and build a smaller home, Tumbleweedhouses.com is a great place to find some useful tips and plans.

Tell us, could you live in a 320 sq foot home?

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