I rode my bike to work today.

That may not sound like a big deal, but as an admitted “lazy person” who sits behind a desk all day, this is a huge change from my “normal” routine.  This change is a part of my effort to live more environmentally friendly.

Fortunately, my family is helping me.  My son collects pop cans.  We pick up garbage when we go for walks.

We separate items that can be recycled out from our regular garbage.  Recycling at home is slowly becoming second nature.

 But how do we set up a “Green Culture” at work?

This is where “Green Week” comes in. “Green Week” is a time where we make an extra effort to live and work in environmentally friendly and sustainable ways.

Today’s Top 7 list will help you set up a “Green Week” at your place of work at a minimal cost.

1.  Set up Recycling Stations at work. – It is amazing how much cardboard and plastic is discarded.

2.  Have a community clean up time where employees can take an hour to pick up garbage at a local park or around their place of work 

3.  Encourage employees to walk, ride a bike, car pool, or use public transit to get to work by having a draw for people who commute in environmentally friendly ways.

4.  Organize a Litter-less lunch where lunches have no disposable containers.

5.  Donate cash from recycle bottles (see 1) to a local “Green Event”.

6.  Organize an employee garage sale.  Items that are not sold can be donated to a local thrift shop.

7.  Challenge another corporation to employee participation in Green Week.

What “Green” activities do you do a work?

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