Finally, the Dallas Mavericks are NBA Champions.

I have loved watching the Mavs play for a few years now.  As I think back to their past seasons they always seem to be able to put a competitive team on the floor.  Thanks Mark Cuban.

While the Mavs have underachieved at times, it looks like 2011 they were able to put it all together and defeat the best team money could buy, the Miami Heat.  As a result the Dallas squad has been rewarded with a championship banner.

I wish Steve Nash was still with Dallas.

Today our list is about the Mavericks.

Here are 7 reasons the Dallas Mavericks are NBA Champions

1.  It was their time

They won over 50 games for the past 11 seasons.  They have a .687 winning percentage.  It was their time to win it all.

2.  They had experience

The core of the team consists of Dirk Nowitzki (32), Jason Kidd (38), Shawn Marion (33), Peja Sotjakovic (33) and Jason Terry (33).  Not much that group has not seen.

3.  Mark Cuban behaved himself

Mark Cuban has been fined $1.6 million in 13 separate instances during the past years.  For some reason he mellowed out this playoffs.  I guess it paid off.

4.  Able to win the big games

Game 4 against Oklahoma.  Down 15 with 5 minutes to go.  Past Maverick teams fold.  This one comes away with a victory.

5.  Able to win the big series

Sorry Kobe and Pau.  Even though everyone thought you would roll right to the finals.  This years Mavericks did not buy into your plan.

6.  Jason Kidd

He may be past his prime but he is still one of the most knowledgeable players in the NBA.  He was simply playing his best ball of the season during this years playoffs.  Well done Mr. Kidd.

7.  Dirk Nowitzki

Some call him soft.  Some call him weak.  Some might even think of him as a player who cannot handle the pressure.

I call him the backbone of the Mavericks and a Champion.

Why do you think the Dallas Mavericks are NBA Champions?

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