ryangillespie's 1984 GMC SierraI was doing some spring landscaping work around the yard the other day.  I needed a truck so my father-in-law let me borrow his 1984 GMC truck.

It has 85,000 original kilometers on it.  It runs perfectly.  It looks like a classic.  My 8 year old son loves riding around in it.

So Junior and I head out to pick up some landscaping bricks.  We hopped in the truck.  Sitting inside was like sitting in an easy-bake oven – IT WAS HOT.  I told my son to roll down the window to help cool it down.

He fiddled with the door for a little bit before he asked “How do I roll down the window?

 My son had never used a crank-down window before.

It then occurred to me how much vehicles had changed in the past 25 years.  And I was surprised how we have taken modern vehicles and their conveniences for granted.

Here are 7 common vehicle conveniences that the 1984 GMC does not have.

 1.  Power Windows

Like I found out, power windows are taken for granted at our house.  Good old arm-strong windows.

2.  Air Conditioning

I know there was A/C in cars in the 80’s, but it was the exception.

As kids, our parents had a Pontiac Parisienne 25 years ago that had A/C and power windows.  The problem was that dad never allowed to use them.  We were told that the A/C used up too much fuel and we might break the power windows from repetitive use.

3.  Cup Holders

I picked up a coke at McDonalds the other day, but there was nowhere to put it in the 1984 GMC truck.  Then I remembered that we used to set our drinks between our legs while we drove.  That is COLD!

4.  Stereo Systems

The old GMC has an AM radio.  That’s it.  No FM.  No CD.  No MP3.  No Satellite Radio.  Nothing.  I had forgotten that AM still existed.

On a side note, my father-in-law tells stories of his convertible that had a “record player”.

5.  Power Locks

Reaching, stretching, and climbing over seats to open a door is a foreign thought to my son and a pain in the behind for me.

6.  Cigarette Lighters

Actually, the GMC has a cigarette lighter.  My Jeep does not.

Cigarette Lighters are not standard anymore.  Instead, we have “Power Adapters”.  This a a good thing since playing with power adapters does not burn your fingers.  I can’t say the same for cigarette lighters.

7.  Storage Space

Today’s vehicles have tons of compartments as storage spaces for wallets, cd’s, maps, coins, phones, and anything else you can think of.  However, they don’t have the gun rack found in my truck.

What modern conveniences in your vehicle do you take for granted?

* This post has neglected all the safety features.  Follow us for an update on our Top 7 Vehicle Safety improvements.

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  1. gerhard says:

    Reclining seats. It is great to be able to pull off the road and catch a few winks in a comfortable position. Our older vehicles did not always have this option.

  2. […] 7 Vehicle Safety Features 20 Jun Last week we had a post called New Vehicles vs Old Vehicles where we looked at some common conveniences that have improved comfort in vehicles. This week we […]

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