Vancouver has a reputation.

Multicultural.  Mild Weather. Stanley Park.  Traffic.

Oh ya, RIOTS.

In 1994, when the Canucks lost to the New York Rangers, what did the fans do?

Riot in the streets.

Now, in 2011, after being dominated by the Boston Bruins in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, what did they do?

Riot in the streets of Vancouver.


I totally understand that this riot does not represent the majority of Vancouver fans.  However one has to wonder if a pattern is developing.  It is hard to dispute the facts.  Vancouver seems to like a good riot.

What would have happened in Vancouver if the Canadian Men’s Hockey team would have lost in the Gold Medal Final in the Olympics?

As disappointing as the Vancouver riot is, it is not the worst this world has seen.  Today our list has been compiled with the help of Wikipedia.

Here are 7 of the Worlds Worst Riots Ever

1. Brixton riot (1981)

April 12, 1981 in Brixton London.  Police go to question a suspect in a stabbing.  The very next day, angry citizens began to pelt police cars with bricks, and rioting broke up. When all was said and done, 279 police and 45 civilians were injured, over one hundred cars were burned, 150 buildings were damaged and thirty were torched.


2. LA Riots

On April 29th, 1992, a jury acquitted two white police officers for charges of the videotaped beating black motorist Rodney King. As a result of this verdict, thousands of citizens rioted for six days. Mass amounts of looting, murder, arson and assault took place, resulting in over a billion dollars in total damage, and the loss of 53 lives.


3. Detroit Riot of 1967

When police performed a raid on a Detroit after hours drinking club, they found 82 people holding a party for two returning Vietnam veterans. The police arrested all of these people, and this resulted in widespread rioting.


4. Watts Riots

In August of 1965, police pulled over a motorcyclist believed to be intoxicated. The driver, Marquette Frye failed to pass a sobriety test and was arrested. As the police ordered to impound the cycle, a crowd slowly began to form.  34 people died and 1032 were injured.


5. 2007 Nairobi, Kenya Riots

Political unrest turned into deadly rioting in what has been called the biggest threat to East Africa’s most stable democracy.


6. Serbia Riots

On Monday, October 13, 2008 riots broke out over Serbia’s decision to recognize Kosovo’s independence. The Serbs called the decision treasonous and proceeded to throw flares and other destructive objects at state buildings. Police responded by firing tear gas into the crowds of thousands of angry rioters.

7. 1968 Chicago riots

In April of 1968, another riot caused by tensions following the assassination Martin Luther King struck Chicago’s west side.  Over all over 10,000 police and 5000 troops were sent to disperse the riot. In the end, 11 people were killed and over 125 fires had been set.

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