* In the news today: “Jackass star Ryan Dunn dies in fiery car crash near Philadelphia, speed may have been a factor.  A reminder that no amount of safety features can help with careless driving.  Be safe…


Last week we had a post called New Vehicles vs Old Vehicles where we looked at some common conveniences that have improved comfort in vehicles.

This week we are looking at Safety Features.

 Top 7 Safety Features of Today’s Vehicles

1.  Seat Belts

One statistic shows that a person is 40 times more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident if they are not wearing a seat belt.  It is mandatory to wear seat belts in Canada and the United States (with the exception of New Hampshire).  Seat Belts Save Lives!

2.  Air Bags

Air Bags are another major improvement to vehicle safety.  It is all about protecting your head.  It is like having a pop-up pillow in your car.

3.  Crumple Zones

Often overlooked, Crumple Zones are an important feature in vehicle safety.  The vehicle is designed crumple and absorb the energy from a crash.

4.  Head Rests

Older vehicles had bench seats where the back of the seat came up to below the neck.  This makes the neck exposed and risks spinal damage.  Today’s vehicles have head rests that are designed to keep the head and body in a stable position, almost similar to an infant car seat.

5.  ABS Brakes

Anti-Lock Braking Systems help vehicles stop more quickly.  In new vehicles, this system had been modified to include Electric Stability Control and Traction Control, both of which allows vehicles to handle and manoeuvre better.

6.  Convex Wing Mirrors

Convex Side View Mirrors increase the field of vision.  In Canada and the US, only the passenger mirror is convex.  In Europe and most of thre rest of the world a convex mirror is often used on the driver side too.

7.  Child Proof Rear Doors

A simple solution that prevents the doors to be opened from the inside.  When one of my children was almost 3 years old, they opened the door while we were driving on the highway at 100 km per hour.  This simple invention would have prevented it.

What other features make our vehicles safe?

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  1. gerhard says:

    I fail to understand why people refuse to use seatbelts!! I know we drove many mile without them before they were available, but by now we should all be aware of the fact that if you go hurtling through the air inside a vehicle, you are less likely to get seriously injured than if you hurtle through the air without a vehicle to protect you.

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