Jeff and I were hiking in Alligator Country…

Really, we were!

We have seen many wild animals up in Canada.  Bears, Moose, Buffalo and Wolves live in our backyards.  There is always an adventure in the Great White North.

When we set foot in the Sunshine State, we knew that we could not leave until we saw an alligator in the wild.  It turned out that in Florida, alligators are easy to find.

Check out our non-zoo encounter.


As you can tell, we were in no danger.  In fact, you would not even call this a close encounter.  It was just fun to see a few wild gator while exploring the swamps.

What would you do if you came face to face with an alligator in the wild?  How do you prevent an attack?

* Since we are not experts of any type of crocodilian we have taken our advice from WikiHow.  You can read the full article here.

7 Ways to Survive and Alligator encounter

1.  Stay away from infested waters

(Top 7 Comment:  Makes sense doesn’t it.  I wonder how many tourists head to a body of water in Florida and never ask, “Are there Gators in there?”  A simple investigating will let anyone know where the alligators are.)

2.  Be aware of your surroundings

(Top 7 Comment: Pretty standard advice for off the trail adventures.  Even more so with Alligators since they can lurk in the shallows with only their nose and eyes visible)

3.  Stay at least fifteen feet away from alligators or crocodiles

(Top 7 Comment:  15 feet would be close enough for me.)

4.  Avoid surprising the animals

(Top 7 Comment:  Self defense attacks are common with any wild animal.  Let the gator know you are there.)

5.  Run away from the animal

(Top 7 Comment:  Apparently Alligators will not chase you for long on land, if at all.  So running off to a safe spot is a good idea.  Just a tip – if you are visiting us in Canada and encounter a bear, DO NOT RUN.)

6.  Fight back if you’re attacked

(Top 7 Comment:  If an Alligator does get a hold of you, fight back.  Their plan will be to drag you into deeper water and that is not good for you.  They say that the eyes, nose and the palatal valve (flap by their tongue) are the best places to poke and prod.  Should have run away.)

7.  Get medical attention promptly

(Top 7 Comment:  If the big guy (or gal) does get a hold of you and you are lucky enough to escape, get medical attention right away.  The mouths of alligators and crocodiles are full of bacteria.)

What would you do if you encountered and Alligator or even a Crocodile? 

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