Happy Canada Day!

Canada is having a birthday.  How old is Canada?  She (I think she is a she) is 144 years old today.

I have lived in this great country my entire life.  I was born here.  I went to school here.  I got married here and had my kids in Canada.

It was when I started to travel abroad that I discovered that not everyone knew about our great land.  There were many misconceptions and strange rumors going around about the Great White North.

Today we have two lists.  The first list points out 7 of the funniest statements I have heard about Canada and Canadians.  The second list contains some true facts, about Canada.

7 Stereotypes about Canada

1.  Canadians live in igloos and ride dog-sleds

Sorry, not true.  I did once see a dog-sled team at a winter carnival.  The team arrived in the back of a truck.

2.  It snows all the time in Canada

That would really make riding my motorbike difficult.

3.  All Canadians Speak French

I would answer this question in French but I don’t know how to speak it.  It is a cool language though.

4.  Canadians eat blubber

Ummmm, sorry.  I have never even seen blubber before.  I take that back.  I have seen blubber around my waist after the Christmas Turkey.

5.  The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) patrol on horseback

I guess I have seen Police officers on horseback before.  Oh wait, that was in California.  The last RCMP I saw was driving a Camaro with police lights on it.

6.  There is no access to electricity up here in Canada

Excuse me?  I am using a computer here….

7.  Canadians are friendly

I guess that one is true.  🙂

7 Facts about Canada

1.  Tim Hortons is more popular than Dunkin’ Donuts in Canada.

2.  Canada is one of the world’s top five producers of gold, copper, zinc, nickel, aluminum, and natural gas.

3.  Many inventions including basketball, the electric light bulb, the electric range, the electron microscope, the telephone, standard time, the television, and the zipper, and the first snowmobile were invented in this remarkable country.

4.  Canada has two national sports; Lacrosse as the country’s national summer sport, and Ice Hockey as the national winter sport.

5.  Despite being a really big country, it has the fourth lowest population density in the world, with only three people living per square kilometer! Almost half of the population in Canada were born in other countries.

6.  Here’s a weird fact about Canada, it produces so much energy, that it provides it to the US too!

7.  Canada is always near the top of list when it comes to the highest quality of life in the world.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the United Nations Human Development Index.

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  1. emily says:

    Happy Birthday Canada….this is a special day for all Canadians, so I want to share a little piece of history with those interested to find out more about Canada:

  2. wdfyfe says:

    Happy Canada Day Guys. I’m planning to dine on that most Canadian of dishes pizza!

  3. Maggie says:

    This is a fun post! I was very Canadian today and had spaghetti for supper. Cheers!

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