Last weekend, our dog, Niki, celebrated her 15th birthday.

Using the old saying of 7 dog years for each human year, that would make her 105 years old.

Age has taken its toll on our little Bichon Frise cross dog.  She has cataracts.  She can only hear high whistles.  Her hind legs are weak and unstable.  She has an enlarged heart with leaky valves.

I remember the day we got her when she ran up to me and licked my hand saying “Take me home!”.  She bonded instantly with us.

Niki became part of our family.

At the time I hoped that she would live at least 10 years.  Now, at 15 years, she has outlived the median age of dogs at 10-13 years.

The breed that has the shortest average lifespan of only 5.2 years is the Dogue de Bordeaux.  Toy Poodles live the longest with an average lifespan of 14.5 years.

Dogs have been known to live into their 20’s.  I am not sure that my dog will live that long, but I will enjoy every day with her.

Here is a list of the oldest 7 dogs on record:

1.  Bluey – 29 years, 160 days – Australian Cattle Dog

2.  Bella – 28 years, 252 days – Labrador

3.  Teddy – 28 years, 218 days – Poodle

4.  Max – 27 years,328 days – Terrier ***  STILL LIVING

5.  Bramble – 27 years,211 days – Border Collie

6.  Adjutant – 27 years,98 days – Labrador

7.  Butch – 27 years,1 day – Beagle

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  1. toscanakiwi says:

    When I read about Niki, I thought of our own Bichon who is 14 years and 7 months old. Daisy has all the health issues of Niki but never lets any of them get in her way.

    We moved from New Zealand to Tuscany for 6 months earlier this year and Daisy (and Poppie our other Bichon) came with us. We were worried about Daisy and the 40 hour flight from New Zealand to London but when we picked the girls up from the Animal Reception Centre at Heathrow, there Daisy was, none the worse for wear and just pleased to see us.

    Since then she has travelled with us through France to Italy, to Slovenia, back to France and now to Italy all sitting in the back seat of the car – still barking at every passer-by along the way.

    I mentioned Daisy and her age in a post earlier in the year at:

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