It has been said that you can tell a lot about a person by the ringtone they use.

I was in the local Tim Hortons the other day and, from the purse of the 70 year old lady in front of me, a cell phone started to ring.

Looking at this senior i expected a nice ringtone.  Possibly a piece of Mozart or birds chirping or even a traditional “ring”.  What I heard was something I did not expect.

A little ACDC number called Highway to Hell.

As she reached to answer her phone she just looked back at me and smiled.  She was proud of her ringtone and wanted everyone to know about her love for the Australian hard rock band.

Like I said, you can tell a lot about a person by their ring tones.

There are millions of ringtones out there and everyone has different tastes. So to make our list easier we want to give you the ringtones we like the best.  Hope you agree with our choices.

Here are our TOP 7 Ringtones

  1.  Vibration

Easily # 1 on my phone.  Etiquette requires me to use it often.  No one likes a phone interrupting an important meeting.  No one likes to be exposed by their phone.  Vibrate is the answer.

2.  Farting Ring Tone

Not brave enough to use this one, but would like to one day.


3. Star Wars Theme

Everyone Loves Star Wars.  “May the Force be with you”

4.  Crazy Frog

Yes, we have this ringtone on Video


5.  “Pick up Yo Phone”by Mr. T

People enjoy being alerted to an incoming call by the yelling of Mr. T.  At least I do.

6.  Dog’s Singing

Who doesn’t like the sounds of Dog’s Singing?  Listen to it here.

7. Super Mario

It doesn’t get anymore classic than Super Mario Brothers


What are your favorite Ringtones?

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  1. Shawn says:

    found a really cool app that let’s you create custom ringtones for free. tried it today and it worked really well —

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