Chris SneesbyIt was two months ago that we introduced you to THE CUBE.  That 3mx3mx3m little house developed my Mr. Mike Page.

Today we want you to see something equally as cool.  It is called THE POD.  An insulated sphere that is about 3m in diameter.

What do you do in THE POD?  Anything you want really.

Playroom, Studio, Hobby Room, Meditation/ Quiet Room, Outside entertaining/Dining Room, Tree House!

Check out THE POD for yourself.


THE POD is brought to you by Archipod.  Their goal was to create garden office buildings that not only looked good in your backyard, but were efficient, ergonomic, and unusual as well.

From what I have seen, the team at Archipod has reached that goal.

Our list today is all about THE POD.  Here are 7 facts about this tiny sphere.

1.  THE POD comes in two styles.

The first is the Archipod

  • 9’6″ diameter internally at widest point
  • 8’3″ to top of dome
  • Typical price $34,320

archipod plans

The second is the Bigger Pod

  • 12’6″ diameter internally at widest point
  • 8’5″ to top of dome
  • Typical price $39,950

bigger pod plans2.  Apparently the official site claims THE POD looks bigger inside than outside.  I guess that happens when you can take advantage of natural lighting.

3.  The walls are made of curved plywood and insulated with fiberglass insulation.  Throw in some additional foil insulation and a vapor barrier and you have a cozy little space.

4.  It makes sense that the windows are circular.  A bubble on the roof and a port-hole on the wall are enough to provide adequate light during the daytime.

5.  The exterior is covered in Red Cedar Shingles.  Nice touch huh?

6.  Here are some electronic specs that come with THE POD.

  • 6nr Dimmable spotlights
  • Concealed background mood lighting, separately switched from spotlights.
  • 3nr Power outlets
    (these can be extended below the desk using the cable management to provide more outlets)
  • Electric panel heater
  • Consumer Unit.
    (connection to the house or mains supply is not included)
  • Data outlet for connection of phone lines
  • Socket
    (for connection of a security alarm)

7.  The foundation is simple concrete blocks.  BTW, the blocks are included in the price.


There is much more to learn about THE POD.  You can do your own research at the Archipod website.

So tell us, would THE POD look good in your back yard?

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  2. Suresh says:

    All the 7 facts about this tiny sphere are interesting.

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