Columbus Blue Jackets goalie Steve Mason has a new goalie mask.

On Tuesday Mason tweeted pics of his hot off the press face protector.  One side covered in the red, white and blue of the Ohio state flag and the other side straight out of the nightmares of a Civil War veteran.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Behold Steve Mason’s gruesome new ‘Evil Dead’ Civil War maskBehold Steve Mason’s gruesome new ‘Evil Dead’ Civil War mask

I was not overly impressed by the mask.  The art work was cool but it pales in comparison to some of the great masks of the past.

When I was a youngster I found that the style of a mask was as unique as the artwork on it.  A fan could be sitting in the cheap seats and know exactly who the goalie was by what was protecting their face.

Now granted the artwork today is amazing.  The detail is unprecedented.  However, beneath the coat of paint the masks all look the same.

Our list today takes a look at my favorite masks of all time.  The masks may not be airbrushed masterpieces but they are unique.  Hockey fans all over will know the goalie that wore these masks.

Here are, what I consider to be, the Greatest Goalie Masks.

1.  Rogie Vachon – Loved the large eye-holes.


2.  Grant Fuhr – As a Flames fan, I hated this mask.

Fuhr_oilers_57_display_image3.  Jim Rutherford – One of the first masks to be painted by a professional artist.


4.  Ken Dryden – Looks like a target doesn’t it?


5.  Bernie Parent – Simple is good

6.  Tony Esposito – Butterfly style goalie with a mask famous around the world

7.   Gerry Cheevers – Stitches are always cool right?

Gary_cheevers_display_imageWhat masks would you add to our list?

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