I love the summer. If love the sunshine and I love the outdoors. And, with the August long weekend approaching, I am thinking holidays.

Living in Alberta, we are blessed to in the shadow of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Trips to the mountains are a regular part of our annual vacations. This year is no different. Our planned holidays in the mountains almost always includes a trip to Banff, Alberta.

Based on my experience, here is a list of 7 Fun Things to do in Banff.

1. Banff Gondola – The view from the top of Sulphur Mountain is breath-taking. Make sure to take the 1000 meter hike to the abandoned weather station at the summit. If you have an extra 3 hours, consider hiking up the mountain rather than using the Gondola.

2. Shopping – My wife wanted to add this to the list, but the truth is there store for everybody there. A family favourite is the Christmas Store.

3. Bow Falls – These roaring waterfalls make for an excellent photo opportunity.

4. Cave and Basin – This paved walking path is great for parents with young kids. It tells of the origins of the Hot Springs. You also have opportunity to see the Banff Springs Snail; a fresh water snail that is one of Canada’s “Species at Risk”.

5. Tunnel Mountain – This mountain is really more of a hill when it is compared to the mountains around it. I recommend bringing a picnic lunch up with you on this hike. You eat it at the summit while you have an awesome view of the town of Banff.

6. Banff Hot Springs – These natural spring waters are a refreshing place to soak after a long day on your feet.

7. People Watching – People from all over the world come to Banff to experience things that I take for granted. Strike up a conversation with somebody and make a new friend.

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  1. Great article – no shortage of things to do in the Canadian Rockies!

    • thetop7 says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I Love the Mountains! I just checked out your web page. Your site is a great source to access things to do in the mountains.

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