Google+ logo.pngA few weeks ago I spent an hour trying to join Google Plus (+).

Then I spent another hour trying to figure out what Google+ was and why I even wanted to join.

I had heard that Google had come up with a really innovative way of doing Social Media.  The word was out that if you wanted to really socially connect your business – I mean really connect, then Twitter and Facebook were not going to do the job as well as Google+ could.

My thought pattern went like this….

I need to get an account with Google+.  Period.

When I tried to get an account the first wall I hit was that I did not even know what Google Plus could do for me or THE TOP 7.  A bit of research helped.  The second wall was that Google+ is in a field trial stage and is not accepting any additional accounts.

Rumor was that Google+ was allowing invites for a while so I solicied one from a friend.  It turns out that even invites are no longer accepted.   For some reason they feel that 20,000,000 users is enough for a trial.  Go figure.

I guess I have to wait, like many of you, until Google opens the floodgates and allows all us commoners to join.

Back to the original question.  What is Google+?

Here are 7 Facts you need to know about Google+

1.  Google+ is a service offered by, guess who, Google that takes the services we all ready use and puts them into one Social Media Package.  Example:  Want to video conference like Skype and instant message like like MSN and Tag Photos like Facebook?  Google+ will do it all.

2.  Learning the Language:  Circles

Google+ uses the term Circles to describe how you may want to categorize your friends, relatives and business relationships.  On Facebook, everyone is your friend.  On Google+, only friends enter that circle.

3.  Learning the Language: Sparks

Sparks define what topics you are interested in.  Each topic you like will get its own page and Google will kindly let you know when there is something new out there that you may be interested in.

4.  Learning the Language: Hangouts

This used to be called Video Chat.  Now we all just hangout.

5.  Learning the Language: Huddles

Huddles are groups of people you want to simultaneously Instant Message with.  Consider it water cooler chat without having to leave your desk.

6.  Who can get Google+?

Anyone can have one account as long as you have a Gmail address.  Rumor has it that if you are caught using an account that is under a fictitious name, Google will penalize you.

7.  How will we access Google+?

Google+ will be available as a desktop application and as a mobile application.   The challenge is that it will only work with an Android and iOS operating system.  I smell trouble…


What do you know about Google+?  Please share your knowledge with us all.  And before you leave, make sure you hit the Google+ symbol below.  It might help me get my invited sooner.


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