One of my best friends growing up in small town Alberta was a guy named Robert.

It was around grade 9 that we met and started to hang out together.  Playing basketball, listening to music and skipping class together was pretty much the norm for Robert and I.  Finding a friend you can trust is always a good thing.

Then, in grade 11 our lives drifted apart.

I was sent to a boarding school and Robert moved away from our town a short time after.  We totally lost touch with each other.

Skip forward 25 years.

I have a love / hate relationship with Facebook.

Sometimes I really hate that site.  It kills time and now that I am in my 40’s my time is more precious than it used to be.  Twitter is much better.  🙂

However I appreciate Facebook simply because it has re-connected me with many people from my past.  Robert is one of the people I was able to find through the wonders of Social Media.

It turns out that Robert has been progressing in life as we all do.  He has a family and kids just like me.  He also had an amazing passion for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).  It turns out that his brother, Lee, runs the Canadian Martial Arts Center in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Fighting is deeply rooted in this family.

As we chatted through Facebook Robert mentioned that I needed to watch out for an up and coming MMA prospect named Jordan Mein.  Turns out that Jordan is Robert’s nephew.

This was back in 2009.

For the past 3 years I have watched from a distance as Robert’s nephew Jordan has rapidly risen through the Canadian MMA ranks.  It is time our readers start to pay attention to this 21 year old Canadian phenom.

Our list today will answer this simple question, Who is Jordan Mein?

Here are 7 facts you need to know about Jordan Mein

1.  Jordan started fighting as an amateur at the age of 14 and then turned pro at 16.  Now at the age 21 he holds a professional record of 22 -7.

2.  Jordan is a second generation fighter.  His father Lee is not only the owner of the gym Jordan trains out of in Lethbridge, he is also a fighter as well.

3.  Current UFC fighter Rory MacDonald was Jordan’s first professional fight.  It was a loss via rear-naked-choke.  Jordan started his career 3-4 but is 19-3 since.

4.  In the past year Jordan has defeated the likes of UFC veterans Joe Riggs and Josh Burkman and Dream Welterweight Champion Marius Žaromskis.

5.  In July of 2011, Jordan inked a 4-fight deal with Strikeforce, the now Zuffa-owned organization.

6. Mein will make his Strikeforce debut against Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos at Strikeforce 36 on September 10, 2011.

7.  Jordan is presently the 6th rank Welterweight in Canada.  Expect that number to change in the next year.

So tell me, what do you know about Jordan Mein?

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Mein did amazing in his Strikeforce debut. I see a shinny belt in the future for this young man.

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