On August 6, Boeing showed the world its newest member of their fleet, the 787 Dreamliner.

The first 787, painted in Boeing's blue and white house colours, during the type's first flight. Landing gears and extended.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) ordered 50 of these badboys back in April of 2004 and they are just now getting the first one delivered.  Boeing has taken pride in the fact that although there may be similar sized planes out there, the 787 Dreamliner is lighter and more fuel efficient. Fifty percent of the structure is made of composite materials instead of aluminum.

“The plane is being certified to the highest FAA standards,” said Scott Fancher, vice president and general manager, 787 program. “But the real focus of the traveling public will likely be on customer satisfaction and the elegance of the flight.”

ANA will begin using these state-of-the-art airliners in Japan starting in September.

Here are 7 facts about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

1.  The 787 Dreamlines lists for about $200 million.  I wonder how their financing works?

2.  Boeing has taken 827 orders for the Dreamliner.  Get your orders in quickly as this is a hot purchase item.

3.  The interior of the first Dreamliner contains 264 seats (12 business and 252 economy).  Each seat has a personal television set and roomier seats than in past Boeing aircraft.  The big bonus is the larger lavatories.

4.  The 787’s cabin windows are larger in area than all other aircraft in development.  The reason for the large windows is so that passengers can better maintain a view of the horizon.

5.  The 787 consumes 20% less fuel than the similarly-sized Boeing 767.

6.   The Dreamliner can fly 8,000 to 8,500 nautical miles (15,000 to 15,700 km).  That is far enough to fly from Los Angeles to Bangkok.

7.  With an advanced cabin air-conditioning system, the Dreamliner will provide passengers with better air quality.  As a result of this upgrade bacteria, viruses and fungi will no longer survive and all odors will be removed.



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