As a kid it seemed like we always had some sort of pet running around our home.

As I remember each of the pets we took care of they all spark memories that will be with me forever.

Blackie was the German Shepherd who scared me like crazy.  I was a toddler at the time so hopefully that is understandable.

Smoky was a cat that did not stay with us very long.  (my mother did not like cats much)

Star, our second German Shepherd, was a loyal companion.  So loyal that no one could come on our yard without a confrontation from our living security system.

Lady was my brother Jeff’s dog.  That dog was smart and easy to live with.

Jessie was a ball of white fur with bad breath and an anoying bark.

After I moved out on my own I got married to my wife who is a cat lover.  Leo and Scraps are our latest feline duo and are very much a part of my family.

Yet none of these family pets could compare to my favorite pet of all time.

It was about 10 years ago that I received as a  Father’s Day gift from my kids; a Green Anole that I called Reggie.

Reggie has since passed away but he was so much fun to have.  When my kids purchased him from the local pet store they also got a great little habitat for him.  “Easy to take care of” was an understatement.  Mist Reggie every day and feed him a few live crickets every week and he was happy little lizard.

He never did learn to come to come to his name but I guess that is what you get when your pet is a reptile.

When Jeff and I were in Florida, we ran into a wild Green Anole that looked just like Reggie.  Here is a video of our Anole Adventure.

Reggie was a great pet and I recomend that everyone gets an Anole.  Our list today are facts about the Green Anole.

1.  Also called American chameleons, Green Anole’s are not true chameleons. They can however do a color change from green to brown, especially when stressed.

2.  Life span for the Green Anole is around 4 years.  That is just about right for Reggie.

3.  Adult length of a Green Anole is around 8 inches (including tail).

4.  Males are larger than females and have a large dewlap (flap of skin) on the throat that is used in behavioral displays.  Reggie was a female.

5.  The Green Anole can be very stressed by handling, and can drop their tails if grabbed by the tail.  I tried to not handle Reggie very often.

6.  Green Anoles are insectivores and can pack back the live insects.  Reggie preferred crickets but would occasionally hunt live flies I would put in his habitat.

7.  The correct name for a Green Anole:  Anolis carolinensis.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I had several goldfish too. They didn’t like to go for walks.

  2. gerhard says:

    Dogs have been my best pets. I have learned many things from the dogs I have owned.

  3. Pat Curry says:

    Thank you for writing this. Green anoles (or chameleons as I grew up hearing them called) have always been fascinating to me. There is a brown anole that is slowly pushing the greens out ot the way. The browns moved from Cuba and other islands and prefer to stay closer to the ground while the green ones find safety in the bushes and trees. We have both on our screened pool patio and they keep it pretty much bug free as you could hope for in Florida. I will try getting them crickets once in while so they stay.

  4. I talk to the ones in my yard, at least half a dozen of them, probably alot more, and some of them seem interested in my voice. instead of playing dead, they’ll actually turn their heads, like dogs do, when I talk to them. Some will let me get quite close, but will leap if I get 1″ away from them. But, it’s still fun to talk to my little pets. one of the best things that came with my new home!! lol Kids think I’m crazy!

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