Last week, I got a case of the “Hiccups”.

Now, I must tell you that these were not just your ordinary hiccups.

They were the loud, violent, chest-collapsing type. People around stared with their mouths open. Mothers quickly moved their small children to a “safe” distance. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was laying exhausted on the floor, gasping for every breath, it would have been quite amusing.

I have had hiccups many times before. Usually, within 20 minutes they go away on their own. However, that is not always the truth.  One time I had an exceptionally long-lasting hiccups attack.

My Hiccups lasted for over 90 minutes!

Now, one thing about having hiccups in a public place is that you will always receive advice on how to get rid of them. Having done a significant amount of research on the topic, here is my list of the Top 7 Hiccup Cures.

1. Drink water upside down

You take a glass of water, lean forward until your head is upside down, and drink it. I was sceptical the first time I tried it, but it worked for me.

2. Have somebody scare you

This is a great idea but very difficult to execute. When I tell somebody to scare me, I am usually not scared.

3. Hold your breath

It works perfectly up until the next hiccup and you burst out laughing.

4. Stand on your head

I hear this works. I just have problems getting to the “stand on your head” part.

5. Have somebody tickle you

I am not convince about this one since, when I tickle my son, it causes hiccups.

6. Exercise

Vigorous exercise might help get rid of the hiccups. But I must warn you that it tends to look a little odd to have the hiccups while you are jogging.

7. A Spoonful of Sugar

I like this one… especially when the spoonful of sugar is attached to a jelly-filled donut.


How do you cure a case of the Hiccups?

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog on hiccups! I thought I would return the favor. I must say that even though our strategies were a little different…I definitely enjoyed your tips (and commentary on each idea)! My son loves to try to ‘cure’ me with your idea #2…

    One thing is for sure, the hiccups are NO FUN but some of the so called cures are pretty funny (at least they are if you’re watching).

  2. 2gadabout says:

    Wow! Hiccups for 90 minutes-no fun. Glad the upside down water works for you too.

  3. ahhaha….. nice.. i just used.. the method prescribed at and it works

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