It is like a natural marriage.

I have a Blackberry and I use WordPress to blog. So why not download WordPress for Blackberry?

I had heard rumors that older versions of WordPress for Blackberry were horrible. Yet, still I sit here at my desk blogging with my Blackberry Torch.

On August 8, 2011 the latest version or WordPress for Blackberry (1.5.1) was released. This app allows me to write a post, upload videos, edit pages and manage comments. It supports both and self-hosted WordPress (2.9.2 or higher).

And if you are reading this post on THE TOP 7, the app worked just fine.

Today our list is very simple. As I thought about the value of an app like this it occurred to me that I can now work on The Top 7 – ANYWHERE.

Here are 7 Locations I can now blog at thanks to WordPress for Blackberry

1. In my car

Of course I mean when my wife is driving.

2. When I am camping

We like to go camping. The only downfall is that I cannot blog in the woods. Problem solved.

3. In the washroom

No need to say much more for this one. I think most guys will understand.

4. During a Meeting

Not that I would ever do that – but I could if I wanted to.

5. At a Sporting Event

I can see it now. I am at the Fames game and I want to let all our readers about the great time I am having.  Time to post on The Top 7.

6. When my wife is shopping

I am not saying that shopping with my wife is boring, but…

7. In Church

Please do not tell my pastor.

Tell us, where do you like to BLOG?


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  1. gerhard says:

    If I had access to WordPress for Blackberry while I am in #3, when would I get to read the Readers Digest and all the other magazines?

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