Every summer, near the end of August, my friend and I take a short trip on our motorcycles.  We always head to a location somewhere in Alberta.  Here is what always seems to happen…

We pick a destination,

We book time off work,

We leave our journey,

We ride in the RAIN.

Last year, as we traveled though the Rocky Mountains, we rode through rain as well as snow.  It was a cold and wet trip.

Three hours ago I arrived from this years trip.  We headed up to the north part of the province and guess what happened?

It rained… lots.

As I was battling the cold, wet weather I was forced to remember and then practice safe riding skills in wet weather.  Our list for today is all about riding your motorcycle in wet weather.

Here are 7 tips for when you ride in the rain

1.  Dress to get wet

The pants and jacket I wear when I ride are waterproof and well worth the $ I paid for them.  Had I not had rain gear today my 8 hour ride would have been miserable instead of amazing.  Just a tip: make sure your footwear and gloves are waterproof too.  Nothing worse than cold hands and feet.

2.  Don’t forget to drink – Water

When it is wet outside it always seems like I only want to drink coffee.  I have to force myself to drink water to keep me from becoming de-hydrated.  As I sit stuffed in that rain proof suit I tend to perspire.  Gotta replace that sweat somehow.

3.  Hydroplaning

Good motorcycle tires do an adequate job of repelling water.  Tires that are wore out or not properly inflated do not.  Make sure you tires are in good shape.  One more tip:  Slow down in deep and pooled water.

4.  Get a Grip

In case you did not know, the rain can make the road slippery.  Here are some surfaces to be on the look out for.

  • Railroad Tracks
  • Mud and dirt on the road
  • Painted lines
  • Oil spots (parking lots are bad for this)

When traveling over these surfaces make sure you straighten your bike up and avoid turning.

5.  Make sure you can stop.

This one may sound obvious but remember to give yourself more time to slow down and stop.

6.  Seeing clearly

I have a windshield on my bike.  It took my first ride in the rain to realize that it was set too high.  Looking through the rain spotted visor on my helmet as well as a wet windshield during a rain shower is not great for visibility.

This might not be an issue in dry weather but in the rain it is nice to be able to look over the windshield instead of through it.

7.  Have a good attitude

Riding in the rain is fun only if you are prepared for it.  If you dress right and drive carefully you will be able to enjoy your adventure.  A trip in the rain is standard for all those who love bikes.

What are your tips for riding your motorcycle in the rain?

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