Every driver in Alberta knew that this day was coming.  Today is the first day the Province of Alberta enforces it’s new Distracted Driving Legislation.

Welcome to Bill 16.

Now other provinces in Canada and states in the USA have distracted driving laws already in place.  Alberta took it’s sweet time coming up with some guild lines to regulate driving around our province.   This allowed us drivers extra time to practice such feats as steering our vehicles with our knees as we simultaneously talk on the phone, eat a doughnut and tie our shoes.

This multi-tasking freedom has come to an end.  Today Bill 16 is in effect and  the local Peace Officers are saying there will be no tolerance when it comes to enforcing the Distracted Driving Legislation.

It is said that Bill 16 is the toughest of it’s kind in North America.  It carries with it a $172 fine.  Gone are the days of playing a saxophone while commuting to work.


Out list today are for all you Albertains who want to know what is allowed and what is not allowed while driving on Alberta’s roads.

7 Activities now Banned while driving on Alberta Roads

1.  Using hand-held cell phones

I would think this is the root reason for this whole legislation.

2.  Texting or e-mails

Now my work can never bug me on the road again.

3.  Using electronic devices like laptop computers, video games, cameras, video entertainment displays and programming portable audio players (e.g., MP3 players)

I guess watching DVD’s with the kids is now out.

4.  Entering information on GPS units

Better start planning ahead

5.  Reading printed materials in the vehicle

I wonder if comic books count?

6.  Writing, printing or sketching

Note to self:  No more taking notes

7.  Personal grooming

No need to keep a toe nail clipper in the glove box anymore


Bill 16 is there to help keep our roads safer.  Only time will tell if it helps.  What do you think of Distracted Driving Laws?

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  1. Check out the government’s FAQ. http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/distracteddriving.htm
    Just having your PDA in your hand while driving is an offence.

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