I have never been a part of a flash-mob but I do think they are pretty cool.

A group of people assemble in a public place.  They have one goal in mind….

To remain inconspicuous until they are prompted to perform an unusual act and then, as quickly as the event starts, the members of the flash mob disperse into the crowd and surrounding environment.

The term Flash Mob was coined in 2003 when Bill Wasik, senior editor of Harper’s Magazine, organized 130 people to shop for a rug together.  It was an experiment to promote spontinaity and playfulness.

Now it seems that flash mobs are showing up pretty much everywhere.  From a pillow fight in Toronto to a song and dance in Three Hills, Alberta, Flash mobs are not going away anytime soon.

Here are 7 of our favorite Flash Mobs

1.  Stanley Cup Flash Mob


2.  Black Eyed Peas on Oprah


3.  Frozen Grand Central – New York


4.  Christmas Food Court


5.  San Francisco Pillow Fight


6.  Air Canada Flash Mob – Vancouver


7.  St. Patrick’s Day – Sydney, Australia


Tell us, have you ever been part of a Flash Mob?

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