Yesterday I was in the “city” so I picked up the touch edition of the KOBO eReader.

I had been eyeing this pocket electronic reader for a while now.  The way I look at it, I like to read.  A lot on money has been removed from my wallet and used to purchase paper books.  With the price of books today and the evident savings when purchasing in an electronic format, I figured this might be a good investment.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I still like to read a good paperback.  However, there is something appealing about  a 4.5″ x 6.5″ electronic device holds 1000 books.

I considered purchasing the Kindle because of it’s reputation.  I also considered a Blackberry Playbook for the “cool” factor alone but at $500 it was not going to be easy to convice my wife on that purchase.

I chose instead to go with the KOBO eReader because of one feature that I will take advantage of and that Kindle could not provide.

I can order electronic library books and download them with the KOBO…

…and that was enough to convince me to make the purchase.

As I took my new purchase out of it’s box, completed the set-up and then played with the device, I jotted down 7 of my initial thoughts.  I guess you can call this my review.

7 First Thoughts about the KOBO eReader

1.  There is not much in the box

Well, of course the eReader was there.  There was also a couple of stickers and a very basic manual that really only showed you how to hook the device up to your computer.  Also, I found a micro-USB charging cord that is used to connect to your computer.  Simple is good right?

2.  Weight and Feel

6.5 ounces feels about right to me.  It is heavy enough to make the device feel like a quality unit but is it still lighter than the average book.  With a cool quilted back I can tell it is going to be easy to handle.

3.  Getting set up

The set up was not overly difficult but it was time consuming.  First, I had to hook up the reader and download the appropriate software.  Next I had to log into my KOBO account and then perform a quick sync.  I quickly discovered that I would need another download from Adobe so that transferring PDF files was possible.  All in all I was reading on my KOBO in under an hour.

4.  The Touch Screen

From what I have read the touch screen is a big improvement over older KOBO models.  Having an ipod as well as a Blackberry Torch, it was obvious that the KOBO version of the touch screen does not have the sensitivity of a screen that you would find on your average phone.    However, the screen did respond appropriately.  Just remember that typing using the touch pad is a tad slow.  Good thing I am not writing any documents the my KOBO.

5.   eInk Technology

eInk is pretty much standard on all credible eReaders on the market today.  Have you ever tried to use your laptop outside in the bright light?  It is almost impossible to read your screen.  The same could be said with the tablets that are popular today.

eInk allows you to view and read like you would a regular book.  This means you can read it on the beach in the sunshine and it also means that you will need an additional light source to read in the evening – just like a real book.

6.  WiFi

The KOBO comes with WiFi that was easy to connect to.  While this device is not made to surf the web, it does have a browser that you can use but it is a bit clumsy.  The WiFi is perfect for what it was intended to do – to purchase books online.

7.  Reading Books

Reading books was a breeze with the KOBO.  The pages turned quickly.  I had a choice when it came to the font as well as the size of the font.  I even highlighted some phrases that I wanted to remember.

Reading a PDF was a bit different in that you are really just looking at an unchangeable document and you cannot make any adjustments to the font or the size of the font.  However it was very nice to be able to read all those PDF books I have received in my inbox.


Over all I have been happy with my inital interaction with the KOBO.  I do realize that it is not a tablet nor does the KOBO even pretend to be.  It is designed to read books.  Lots and lots of them.

As I break in this little device I will keep you posted as to any difficulties or new success.  For more information about the KOBO visit

What do you like about your KOBO?  Let us know.

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  1. Dave Riley says:

    I love my kobo. Lightness of being…You’ll soon enough be hooked.

  2. Lynn says:

    You can easily sideload ePubs onto your Kobo from places like Project Gutenberg to get a ton of books for free. I have dozens of them on mine.

  3. Inquiry says:

    What would you do? Kobo vs. I-Pad

  4. […] read a really good book on my KOBO ereader last […]

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