As I was doing some research online today at work (I had to check the box scores) I received some GREAT NEWS!

I had won an Ipad!

I could not believe my luck.  I was at the right place at the right time.  Only one in 5,000,000 get to win one of these Ipods.  All I had to do was click on the link, fill out my personal information and then purchase 3 online offers with my credit card.  Then after a week or so it would come to my attention that my credit card information had been shared and compromised.  Just my luck.

It turns out that I did not really win  an Ipod.  You will be happy to know that I did not fall for this online scam however it is sobering to think that thousands if not more fall for such scams on a regular basis.

Our list today has to do with scams that are floating around out there.  Many who read this post will already have heard of our TOP 7 but there are some, like the elderly and the less informed that have not.  Please pass on this list.

Top 7 Scams to be aware of

1.  Nigerian Scam

You receive an email or letter from a wealthy foreigner that needs help moving millions of dollars from his homeland or estate.  He will give you a cut if he can use your bank account.  It is a scam and always will be a scam.

2.  Make money on the internet.  Work only 1 hour per week

Now it is possible to make money using the internet.  However if someone sends you an email and tells you that you have an opportunity to make thousands if not millions online without any type of work, then it is likely a scam.  It it seems to good to be true it likely is.

3.  Not-so-Free Trial Offers

You are told that you can take advantage of a free trial period for a product you have been eyeing up for a while.  Of course you will jump at the opportunity to take it home for a month and you will only be charged if you want to keep it.  The next thing you know you are paying monthly payments for something you did not want or need because you forgot to cancel it.  Legal yes.  Scamish?  Maybe.

4.  Incomplete Home Renovation and Repairs

It all starts when you hire a construction company that you have never heard of before.  You give them a percentage of the money u front and when construction is about to begin, the contractor disappears with your cash.  Next time your will use a reputable company in your community or pay when the job is completed.

5.  Travel Scam

I heard this one just the other day.  A company posing as a travel company comes to a local trade show.  They set up a booth and claim they are having a draw for a vacation to a warm destination.  That is a good thing up here in Canada.

When the trade show is finished, the bogus travel company contacts every entrant in their draw and tells them that they won the contest.  All they have to do is give them $250 using their credit card to secure the trip.  Once the payment is made, the promise of a trip is never handed out and the travel company is never heard from again.

Just remember, if you win a contest or draw you should never have to pay to claim it.

6.  Family Member is in Trouble

This scam preys on the elderly and kind hearted.  A person calls a home claiming to be a relative and informs the victim that they are in trouble.  The only way to help is to send $.  The truth is that the criminal is not a relative, just a dishonest thief.

7.   Timeshare Re-sellers

I had a good friend fall for this one.  He had purchased a time share and found that he could not afford it.  He had heard that he could sell his time share so he contacted an online company that “specialized” in selling time-shares.  It turned out that the company promised to sell the time share if $ was forwarded to cover administration fees.  Once the $ was delivered my friend never heard from the company again and still owns his time share.


A list of seven is a drop in the bucket when it comes to SCAMS.  If you know of a scam that you would like to share, please leave a comment.

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  1. jeff says:

    Number 5 happened to me and my wife to be. I won a cruise – great for a honeymoon. But I was denied the prize when I did not give out my credit card number. Five minutes later, my future wife won the same cruise with the same result.

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