I love the weekends. Growing up as kids, we always looked forward to the weekend. That was the time when we were free from the responsibility of school and could do whatever we wanted. Well, almost whatever we wanted.

There was one thing that stood in our way… CHORES.

For some reasons, my parents had a long list chores that we had to accomplish before having “our time.” We tried to use every excuse we could think of to get out of doing the tasks we had been assigned but, in the end, we still had to do our chores.

Now, as a parent, I get the privilege of assigning Saturday jobs. I tell the kids that they are responsible to contributing to the household. I know it will help establish a life work ethic. Today, our list is all about Saturday Chores for kids.

1.  Clean up the bedroom. This includes making the bed, picking up the toys, and making sure the laundry is in the right places.

2.  Mow the lawn. Great job for teenage boys. I converted this skill into a summer job.

3.  Vacuum / sweep the house. This chore helps remind kids the importance of taking their shoes off at the door.

4.  Dust the furniture. Great job for the little kids as they can contribute.

5.  Weed the flower beds / garden. A simple job that takes effort and requires the kids to get a little dirty.

6.  Clean the toilets. Perfect as an extra job that can be assigned to the teenager who is being mouthy about their chores.

7.  Wash the car. Great family chore as the inevitable waterfight is fun for everybody. (Why does everybody gang up on the dad)

What Saturday chores are your favourite?

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  1. Jacob says:

    Since we live in Canada, we have to heat our homes with a wood stove. My favorite chore is chopping the wood. Now excuse me, I am off to the lake to keep the hole in the ice clear. That is our water supply.

  2. Billy says:

    i hate chores

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