Tyson PosterI had the privilege of watching TYSON, this weekend.

TYSON, is a 2008 Documentary directed by James Toback.  Of course, it details the life of legendary boxer Mike Tyson.  Here is the storyline as found at IMDb (Internet Movie Database).

Mike Tyson narrates his life story as a reaction to fear and as a resolution not to be bullied or humiliated as he was when a boy in Brooklyn’s mean streets. He starts boxing while at a state detention center; his coach there sends him to Cus D’Amato who becomes trainer, father figure, and confidence builder. Tyson wins a series of championships and, for six years, is unbeatable. A failed marriage, a felony conviction, and lack of training lead to his fall. We see later losing fights and archive footage of other incidents in his life. Tyson concludes by speaking philosophically about being a father and trying to be a better person.

Just so you know, TYSON is not a kids movie.  It is rated R for a reason.  However it is very telling and eyeopening.

Mike Tyson has come across as a bad, bad person in the press.  It is because of his life mistakes that many feel this way.  However once I viewed this movie a new appreciation was gained for this man.

Mike Tyson still has had to take responsibility for his past actions however he is really much deeper than many give him credit for.

If you like boxing you will like this documentary.  If you can handle Tyson telling his story in his words, then it is worth a view.  If you do not like combat sports or if you will be offended by language not suitable in an elementary school or church, then you might want to just pass this one by and take my word for it.

Dad, this might mean you…

Our list today is 9, not 7.  Nine you tube clips that make up the TYSON Documentary.


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  1. Jacob says:

    Thanks for the links. I look forward to watching.

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