Today is post # 200 for THE TOP 7.

When Jeff and I (Kent) started this blog 9 months ago we had no idea what our readers, if we could find any, would think.  In fact, our hopes were really not too high.

“If we could survive a couple of months THE TOP 7 would be considered a success”

According to the so called blogging experts, we do not blog the right way.  We do not have a niche.  All we provide are random lists of 7.

Some lists are about sports or the weather.  At times we attempt to tackle what is in the news.  Sometimes we will write a review for a cool company.  On occasion we will even post a not so professional video that we made just becasue we were bored.

There really are no rules attached to THE TOP 7 and it seems that our readers like it that way.

While we may not have a niche or any rules here at THE TOP 7, we do have clear reasons why we write.  Our list today is all about what motivates us to get on our computers and pound out 600+ words almost daily.

Here are 7 reasons why we blog

1.  It keeps our minds sharp

You would think that coming up with a list of 7 would be easy.  It actually was but soon reality set in.

After about the first 20 posts we found that writers block is real.  We were forced to constantly watch the news and pay attention to the world around us.  Now, as we observe the world around us we can see lists of 7 everywhere.  Our desire is to take what we learn and pass just a portion of it on to our readers.

2.  We get free stuff

You may not believe this but we get free stuff from people and businesses and we appreciate it.   To all our past and future review posts – Thank you.

3.  We consider it a hobby and hobbies are fun.

THE TOP 7 is not a job.  It is not work.  Working on THE TOP 7 is fun.

When I have a stressful day at work there is nothing better than sitting around the fireplace and working on our blog.  Actually, now that I think of it I can think of a couple of things that are better that writing a blog post.

Whatever the case, it is still pretty cool hobby.

4.  Blogging does not discriminate

As a couple of middle-aged guys who want to have fun and stay creative, we have found an outlet in Blogging.  Had I chosen Olympic Sprinter as my new venture, I would have failed miserably.  Blogging is something that everyone can do.  Age and gender are not barriers when it comes to internet interaction.

5.  It might just help someone

We love that there just might be someone out there that can benefit from reading our random thoughts.  We attempt to be accurate with our facts and then try to pass on the information that will help others.  We do our best provide value to our readers.

6.  I get to hang out with my brother

I have always been close to Jeff.  Since we started blogging our relationship has gotten even better.  Sometimes when we talk about our blog and plan for future posts we laugh so hard  that milk comes out of my nose.  I like it.

You may not have a brother or friend to work on your blog with but you will meet a whole lot of cool people as your blog grows.  We love the comments and emails we get from individuals we would never have any connection with.  A person can not have too many good relationships.

7.  It gets us out of chores

I love it when our wives ask us to help around the house and we get to say that we are working on THE TOP 7.  (I am sort of banking that Kristi and Jodi do not read to the bottom of our posts).

Thanks to all our readers.  Hopefully you will be reading plenty more from THE TOP 7.

If you would like to start a free blog, visit WordPress.  They have all you need to get started.


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  1. gerhard says:

    I promise to not tell Kristi or Jodi to read to the bottom of this blog — IF I can remember!!??!! My memory is poor, however.

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