The fall weather has been wonderful this past week here in Western Canada.  The sun has been shinning.  The temperature is mild and the colors are awesome this time of year.

It made me want to go for a solo hike… so that is exactly what I did.

When I am wondering alone, especially in the mountains, I always wonder whether or not I am going to run into any wildlife.  Where we live in Alberta it is not uncommon to come across a wild creature or two.  However, there are some animals that you do not want an encounter with.

Bear Scat from my Hike

As I journeyed up the mountain I was exploring I had this feeling that something else was out there.  I knew that mountain lions often stalk prey if they are hungry so it made me uneasy.  Yet common sense told me the solitary mountain lion would likely be running instead of stalking.

Then, just as I was considering what might be in the woods with me, I heard something crash through the bush.  If that was not startling enough, it got worse when I looked over to my right and find that I am standing in a large berry patch.

You have to understand that it is fall and the berries are ripe.  You also have to understand that Bears are trying to fatten up for the winter and that I am likely standing in the middle of the food source of Ursus americanus, or as it is more commonly called, the BLACK BEAR.

I never did see a bear that day but I certainly did sense one was around.  My thoughts were confirmed when I looked down and discovered bear scat.  Scat can also be called droppings, feces, crap, s*** or Poop, depending on how you were raised.

After I took a quick picture of the fallen evidence I decided it was time to head back towards civilization.  Armed with only a water bottle I figured I would leave the bruin alone.

Our list today is for educational purposes.  Can you identify Animal Poop?  Here are 7 pictures of piles of poop as well as what creatures made them.  You never know when this information will come in handy.

1.  Mountian Lion

2.  Moose

3.  Deer

4.  Rhino

5.  Elephant

6.  Rabbit

7.  Sheep

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  1. […] I was hiking last week I came across signs that a bear was around.  Now I know that for the most part bears are timid […]

  2. Karen says:

    Now I am convinced I come from a family of CRAZIES!!!! Thanks for the laugh.

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