My name is Jeff.

Also known as Jeffrey. Jeffrey is a common North American name but has European roots. My research has revealed that Jeffrey came from the name Geoffrey which came from the name Godfrey which came from the name Gottfried (pronounced Got-frEEd, not Got-frIde) Gottfried is a German name that means “God’s Peace”.

My father was a teacher and he wanted to give me a name that did not remind him of “negative interactions with his students”. For example, Pete was always late for class; Mike was caught smoking after school; Allen was not good at Math. His methodology led to naming me after the star student in his class… Jeff. It should be noted that Dad’s star student, Jeff, later spent some time in prison for… let’s just say “doing some bad things”. Myself, I have yet to be arrested.

When I was in grade 3, there were 2 other Jeff’s in my grade. Today, I know very few other Jeff’s. Where did everybody go? Today’s post is a tribute to my favourite Famous Jeff’s.

  1. Jeff Probst – It is hard to believe that the host of the popular Survivor is almost 50 years old.
  2. Jeff Garcia – I saw Jeff Garcia play for the Stampeders in Calgary.  In the NFL, he is best known as the San Francisco quarterback who successfully replaced Steve Young.
  3. Jeff Foxworthy – You might be a redneck if you don’t find Jeff Foxworthy funny.
  4. Jeff Gordon – The driver of the number 24 car is one of the most successful NASCAR drivers… ever!
  5. Jeff Goldblum – Jeff has appeared in Movies, Television, and Theatre projects.  My favourite movies of his are Jurassic Park and Independence Day.
  6. DJ Jazzy Jeff – A funny side-kick to Will Smith on The Fresh Prince.
  7. Jeff Kent – Besides having a supper cool name, this former Toronto Blue Jay was the National League’s MVP in 2000.

Who are your favorite “Jeff’s” ?  (I hope my wife picks me!)

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  1. gerhard says:

    My favorite Jeff is you Jeff. I have known him all his life.

  2. butterfly says:

    I have someone very special in my life named Jeff. He is the most loving, patient, kind hearted guy I’ve ever met.

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