Hobbies are good things.  They help deal with stress, relieve tension and can boost self-esteem.  Hobbies also bring a great deal of pleasure for the person participating.

We are all entitled to find our own hobby.

I recently discovered the website of a man named Chuck Lamb.  Chuck is a man who has a really strange hobby.  For fun, this middle-aged man likes to Play Dead.

Now before you write this guy off as a nut case, you have to understand the story behind this hobby.  Chuck had a dream.  He wanted to be in a movie but had no acting experience and did not possess Brad Pitt looks.  So he has decided that his best chance to be on screen would be to play the part of a Dead Guy.

Since 2005 Lamb has been playing dead.  He has taken videos and photos of himself as a campaign to get in the movies.  Have his efforts paid off?

I received an email from Chuck and he brought me up to speed as to his on-screen accomplishments.  Here is what has been going on in Chuck’s life …

I’m in a very popular movie on Netflix now called ThanksKilling and I have a DVD out at stores now called STIFFS with Danny Aeillo and Leslie Ann Warren and a new movie to be released next spring called “The Mitchell Tapes”.  I’m also scheduled to be a movie with Willie Nelson called “The Dry Gulch Kid.”   So I’ve been pretty busy since I started my “Dream”.

My TV credits include “What I Like About You”, “Attack of the Show”,”The 40 Greatest Internet Superstars”, Starzs Comedy Channel guest host for the day. The Discovery Channel, TMZ, CNN Showbiz Tonight and many more.

OH, I have also received an award from The L.A. Independent Filmmakers Association for “Best Self Promotion” and my wife and I were invited backstage at the Academy Awards in 2006.

Well done Mr. Dead Guy!

Why is Chuck such a great Dead Guy?  That question is the motivation behind our list today.  Here are 7 (+3) reasons why Chuck Lamb has become everyone’s Favorite Dead Body.

1.  I have fair skin. “Ever see a corpse with a good tan?”

2.  I am bald. “Any wig will fit me”

3.  I have no tattoos. “So people can’t say I know that guy”

4.  I am not a star. “No salary negotiations”

5.  It will be great publicity. “Helping a guy live his dream”

6.  I have many friends. “More people will see the movie”

7.  I can play many different dead people “Cowboy, mafia, gang, business man”

8.  I am average size “6’0″…..220lbs.”

9.  I have no freckles, warts or ugly things on my body.

10.  NO HAIR ON MY BACK!!!!! “No one wants to see that! Even on a dead body”

To learn more about Chuck, you can visit his website at www.deadbodyguy.com or at  IMDB.

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5 responses »

  1. Chuck Lamb says:

    Thank you so much for he great article! I hope by me living out my dream I can inspire others to never quit living their dreams.
    I feel like a 6 foot tall, pudgy Cinderella. LOL

    Again, thanks for the write up and I hope I have made some people smile along the way.
    LOVE YOUR BLOG and i wish you mountains of success.
    Chuck Lamb
    “Dead Body Guy”

  2. Jacob says:

    And I thought my bottle cap collection was strange

  3. tom says:

    Is this what you call Extreme Planking?

  4. Lee Gilkerson says:

    Nobody does it better than “DBG”!

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