Every now and then, my brother will put up a post that contains errors. Spelling errors are the most obvious example. However, last week Kent created a post that contained informational errors. He created a post called Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs. Obviously, the title itself is considered a non-sense sentence.

Now I grew up loving kittens. They are cute and they are cuddly. But all cats have an Evil side. A very Evil side. There is a reason why, in self-defence of course, my mother was forced to use a cat as a soccer ball.

I need to set the record straight about dogs and cats. It is interesting that the most difficult thing about writing today’s post has been limiting the list to only 7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats.

  1. Dogs are always happy to see you. When I walk in the house after a long day at work, I always encounter a smiling face looking up at me with a cheerful expression that says “I missed you and I am so glad you are home.” Cats look at you and say “You are late! Where have you been?”
  2. Dogs can do tricks. Our dog easily learned many tricks. This includes simple tricks like sit, stay, lay down, as well as more complicated tricks like a football play (a short hook route from scrimmage on 3). The only trick I have seen a cat do is “Stay… If You Want To”.
  3. Dogs are heros. When a building collapses, dogs are called in to find people. When a criminal is on the run, dogs can follow the scent and catch the bad guys. If an intruder is trying to break into your home, dogs will notify you and scare away the enemy. I love the Littlest Hobo! 
  4. Dogs help their owners to exercise. Doctors suggest that just 15 minutes a day of moderate walking will help my heart. My dog is a cheerful companion on these walks and will even encourage me to go for a walk on the nights I just want to watch TV.
  5. Dogs are better to cuddle with. My dog loves to sit on the couch with my wife. I tried to hold a cat on my lap before but it did not turn out very well. About 30 seconds after picking it up it decided it had an urgent need to extend its claws and jab them into my legs to make a 10 foot leap off the couch. ?!?
  6. Dogs help people. Dogs help guide people who are blind. Dogs help notify people who cannot hear. I am terrified at the thought of a Seeing-Eye Cat.
  7. Dogs can go on vacation with you. My dog loves to go exploring in the mountains with us. I can’t imagine making the trip with a cat unless I wanted to carry “the princess” in a Pet Carrier everywhere we went.

Why do you think dogs are better than cats?

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  1. hwrichardson says:

    When I think of the difference between cats and dogs, I am reminded of the following:

    If you treat a dog well, it thinks you are a god.
    If you treat a cat well, it thinks it is a god.

  2. thetop7 says:

    Cats can do everything on that list. http://youtu.be/3gKPpXkPzFA Check out this video.

  3. gerhard says:

    I have difficulty imagining cats replacing the dogs in pulling sleds in the Arctic.

  4. eva sorenson says:

    Thanks for the refreshing post – I was beginning to wonder if this website was beginning to ‘head south’.

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