We know, we know.  Halloween is still a couple of weeks away.

However, when it comes to planning for your all important Halloween costume, a person needs to be thinking ahead.

When I was a kid decades ago we would build our costumes out of cardboard boxes and tin-foil.  Halloween Costume expectations were pretty low back then.

Today in the twenty-first century the level and extravagance of the costumes seen on October 31 has increased greatly.  There was a time when a homemade robot or nerd costume would do the trick.  Today it seems that a $100 purchase or a rental is the norm.

Today, as you plan (and save) for your costume this year, we want to help you out.  Here are what we consider to be the Top Costumes for Halloween this year.

1.  Darth Vader (or anything Star Wars)

The Star War theme never goes out of style.  If you can get your hands on a good Darth Vader Costume then you will be the life of you party as everyone tries to figure out who is behind the mask.  “May the force be with you.”

2.  Pirates

Jack Sparrow is to thank for this one.  It seems that everyone loves the peg-legged and patch wearing criminals of the sea.  Keep your doors locked and your treasure hidden because the Pirates will be out in full-force this Halloween.

3.  Angry Birds

With the popularity of Angry Birds at an all-time high this costume will be a hit for sure.  Just remember.  Being “Angry” does not give you a permission to take candy from kids.  You can be a kind and gentle Angry Bird.

4.  Zombi

The Zombi craze is upon us.  This is probably the easiest costume to make.  All you need to do is wear ripped clothing and apply lots of make-up and fake blood.  Then walk around in a daze.  Hmmmm, sounds like someone I know…

5. Smurfs

Those lovable Smurfs are back and you can be one for Halloween this year.  Check out this video to see how cute you could be.


6.  Mario

Mario, like Star Wars, never goes out of style.  All you need are blue coveralls, a red t-shirt and a red hat with an M on the front.  Oh, don’t forget the 70’s style mustache.

7.  Captain America

If you think you can fight crime like Marvel’s classic American hero then this costume might just be for you. As an added bonus you will get to show off your new muscles (not included in the costume)

What are you planning to be this Halloween?

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