On May 25, 1977 the world changed forever.  That was the year we were introduced to Star Wars and, more specifically, Darth Vader.

For nerds all over the world, Darth Vader is not only know as this powerful persona of evil, his is also much loved by his admirers all over this planet.  Who would have thought that young Anakin Skywalker would one day become the antagonist that would capture our full attention?  Who knew that long after his appearances on the big screen Darth Vader would continue to show up, well, everywhere?

In the past 30 years I have seen documentation of Darth Vader in some of the strangest yet seemingly normal surroundings.   Some of the pictures you will see were taken by me personally.  Some were found on the ever-trusted INTERNET.  Whatever your feelings about Darth Vader are, you cannot dispute the fact that he is alive an well and possibly residing somewhere in North America.

We have for the doubters today, Darth Vader: A life in Pictures.  May the Force be with you.

1.  Darth Vader in DisneyLand

On a family pilgrimage to Disneyland we came across Mr. Vader while waiting in line for lunch.  As you can see in the pictures below he appeared our of no-where.  Had it not for the quick thinking of my 10 year old son who took care of Darth Maul and then threatened Vader, we may have all perished.

2.  Darth Vader in Graceland

Very few people have seen the softer side of Darth Vader.  Even fewer people knew that he had a thing for Elvis and any music that caused his hips to shake.  Who would’ve guessed this one.

3.  Darth Vader on Holidays

Building the Death Star is stressful and even Darth Vader needs time off.  Here is a great picture of him fishing while on holidays.  Pretty normal if you ask me.

4.  Reading to Relax

It is a little known fact that Darth Vader takes time daily to read.  He loves vampires and anything Harry Potter.

5.  Darth Vader in during rough times

There was a time when Darth Vader suffered through some tough times.  His passion has always been to work on projects such as the Death Star but some poor choices almost shattered his dreams.  Thankfully he fully recovered and is now spreading the FORCE to all he meets.

6.  Darth Vader loves his Pets

When Darth heads home after a hard day at work he has chores like any of us.  He has to do the dishes, clean the toilet and dust the living room.  When all his work is done he likes to take his “pets” out for a walk.  I wonder if he cleans up after the little critter?

7. Darth Vader gets exercise

Like any of us, Darth Vader needs to exercise.  In fact, if he happens to grow out of his suit because he had gained too much weight he cannot just head down to Wal-Mart and pick up a new one.  For this reason he daily gets on his bike and does a few laps around the track.

Darth Vader is alive and well.  If you would like to keep in touch with him make sure you follow him on Twitter @darthvader.  Let him know that @thetopseven sent you.

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  1. timmy314 says:

    I didn’t know that Darth Vader read :Harry Potter”. I always thought he read “Anne of Green Gables”.

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