It won’t be long now and the Population of the World will surpass the 7 Billion Mark.  At present, the population of the world is 6,997,295, 200.

Wait, make that 6,997,295,231…  6,997,295,756…..

Keeping an accurate account of the Population of the world that we live in is impossible.  The reality is that the end of October we will be cramming 7 Billion people onto this planet.

Take a look at these population stats…

1804: World population reached 1 billion
1927: 2 billion (123 years later)
1959: 3 billion (32 years later)
1974: 4 billion (15 years later)
1987: 5 billion (13 years later)
1998: 6 billion (11 years later)
2011: 7 billion (13 years later)
2025: 8 billion (14 years later)
2043: 9 billion (18 years later)
2083: 10 billion? (40 years later)

I recently visited a great web-site called 7 Billion Actions.  If you get a chance to look around this site you will find some really cool information about the Population of the World as well as the affects of over-population.  You will also find the World Population Clock that just keeps going up, and up, and up.

Yet, the real reason for this site is the celebration of people.  Established by the United Nations Population Fund, 7 Billion Actions hopes to “inspire change that will make a difference by highlighting positive action by individuals and organizations around the world.”

As these actions are documented on their site, the hope is that the readers will then be inspired to make a socially positive impact in the communities they live in.  What makes this truly amazing is that every story shared is written by individuals like you and me.

The areas that are of concern to the folks at 7 Billion Actions make up our list for today.  Here are the Seven Key Issues that this campaign hopes to impact.

1.  Poverty and inequality

2.  Women and girls empowerment

3.  Reproductive health and rights

4.  Young people

5.  Ageing population

6.  Environment

7.  Urbanization

Small actions taken by each of us, multiplied across communities, can create a better world.
— United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Visit 7 Billion Actions and share your story today.  You may just inspire someone to greatness.


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  1. tt1976 says:

    7,000,000,000 !?! Wow!

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