It was Christmas of 2008 when I first heard the Christmas Song “How Many Kings” by the Alternative Christian Rock Band downhere.

My wife and I were driving in our mini-van and in our attempt to get in the “Christmas Spirit” we sought out some holiday music.  As we tuned into our local radio station we heard downhere perform their Christmas hit.  I looked over to my wife and said,

“That guy sounds just like Freddie Mercury”

Fast-forward 4 years and it is pretty obvious that I am not the only one who thinks that the lead singer for downhere, Marc Martel,  is a dead ringer for Freddie Mercury, the former front-man for the British Rock Band Queen.

In September of 2011 Queen drummer/songwriter/singer Roger Taylor decided he wanted to have put together a contest in which he would build a Queen tribute band to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Rock Hall-of-Fame band.  He called his project The Queen Extravaganza and began soliciting talent from across North America.

As auditions were opened for this amazing opportunity to become part of music history, video submissions began to flood in.  It seemed like everyone wanted the opportunity to play Guitar, Bass, Keyboards or sing Vocals for the upcoming Queen Extravaganza Tour.

However, it is one submission that has taken this contest to a new level.  It was the video submitted by Marc Martel from the band downhere that has caused a buzz in this competition.


Marc’s submission video has had over 4.5 millions hits to date.  With a voice and look that is erily similar to Freddie Mercury, it seems that people cannot get enough of this internet sensation.  Ellen even invited Marc to join her on the ELLEN DEGENERES Show.  There is no question that Marc Martel is the early front runner in The Queen Extravaganza which closes auditions on November 7, 2011.

Our list today is about Marc Martel.  Here are 7 facts about this amazing talent.

1.  Marc Martel was born November 16th, 1976, in Montreal, Canada.

2.  Not only is Marc a talented singer, he is also capable of holding his own on the piano as well as guitar.

3.  As a student at Briercrest Bible College, Marc formed the band Downhere with his roommate Jason Germain.

4.  In 2003 the Marc finished college and Downhere signed with Word Records in Nashville, TN.

5.  Downhere has presently released 10 albums since their humble beginnings.  For their efforts – 4 Juno Awards, a Dove Award and whole pile of nominations.

6.  Marc may have a great voice however what is even more amazing is that he has had no formal voice training.  His golden tones come from, get this, mimicry.  His favorite artists growing up?  Freddie Mercury, George Michael and Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block.

7.  Marc currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Crystal Martel.

For more information about Marc Martel you can visit his website.  Good luck from THE TOP 7.

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