Desynchronosis, or Jet Lag for us common folks, is a physiological condition that all long distance, time-zone jumping travelers are forced to face.

Your dream vacation is planned.  Along with your spouse you hop on a plane in Calgary and jet over to Toronto.  From there it is over the “pond” to London and then on to Rome.  You have just covered 8 time zones and your body knows it.

As you settle into your hotel the headaches start.  Then fatigue hits followed by mild depression (a nice way to say you are really grumpy).  If you are lucky, you avoid the worked up digestive system.

The worst part?  For every time zone your cross it takes a day to fully recover.

Here is the good news.  You can do something about Jet Lag.  Here are 7 tips to try before, during and after your flight.

Before the Flight

1.  Change your Meal Times

It is possible to change your meal schedule before you even leave for your destination.  Your body has a built in clock that revolves around food.  We know that it might be strange to eat your lunch at 8 PM but it will help your body adjust quicker.

2.  Get Plenty of Rest

Your body will thank you if your arrive to your flight rested and feeling great.  If you buddies want you to go out drinking the night before, this would be a good time to say NO.  A hang-over before you even leave home is no way to start the fight against Jet Lag.

During the Flight

3.  Watch what you Drink

With poor air circulation in the cabin of Jetliners, dehydration is a problem.  Make sure you are drinking lots of water.  Better yet, try to find some Coconut Water as it has amazing hydration qualities.  Just so you know, a cold brew is not recommended for re-hydration.

4.  Move around

Sitting for hours at a time can play havoc with your body.   Get up regularly and stretch your legs.   There are also exercises you can do right in your seat that will get the blood circulating.  Just remember… YOGA in the isle might be taking “in flight exercising” a bit too far.

5.  Get some rest

Fatigue is the # 1 symptom of Jet Lag.  If you are tired on-route go with the urge and have a nap.  The more rest you get the quicker your body will be able to recover.

After the Flight

6.  Resist the Urge to Sleep

While it is fine to sleep on the plane, it is not OK to head to your hotel and grab a nap at 2:00 in the afternoon once you land.  Resist the urge and stay up until at least 11:00 PM.  Go for a walk, grab a snack or go work out… Just don’t sleep until late in the evening.  If you choose to have a nap you might be MIA for the next few days.  Resist the Urge.

7.  Get some Sun if possible

It is amazing how the Sun can feed your weary body with much needed vitamins.  The Sun will keep you alert and fresh.  Don’t ask me how or why this works but it just does.

Do you have tips on how to avoid Jet Lag?  We want to know your secrets.

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